Starsector: Best space combat nine years in the making

You. Fucking. Monster.


Guys! Guys! This thread has been bumped, that must mean 1.0 is finally out!

Son of a !?$*

Dammit Kevin!

Every time. 😢

My prediction I did some time ago , of the updates needing exponentially more time, is gaining evidence. See you at the end of the universe, when I will finally be able to play 1.0 !!


Quoting myself from May 2019!

If my prediction of 650 days was true, it should release on Feb 15 2021. If not, then things are even slower than I predicted!

And well, I did predict something wrong here: I guessed after 0.91 we would have 1.0. But no, he is preparing 0.95. Se you in 2023, I guess.

Dammit, you all had me hoping for an update.

What’s in this update you all keep talking about? I heard something about a story focus, and some UI scaling.

I got to say, the development pace on this one comes closer to being measured in geological terms than any game I’ve kept tabs on ever.

Reminds me of the pace Caro has been writing the LBJ biography, the current race for the last installment being one between him and the grim reaper.

Geez it’s one guy making a pretty impressive sandbox game. He’s done more with his time than an entire team of people have done for Star Citizen. Give the guy a break

Don’t worry yourself about defending him, he’s a nice guy with a huge fan base at the site.

I’m waiting for the Winds of Winter DLC.

Milk through the nose.

Coffee on the screen.


I don’t really see anyone here giving him a hard time. Two years between updates is glacially slow in game development terms. It is what it is, but I don’t see anyone slagging him for it. :)

My grandma could publish updates on a faster release schedule.

Christ I thought we were done with this.


A good strategy might be to mute the thread for a year at a time and just check for updates annually. :)