Starsector: Best space combat seven years in the making

Will it like my HOTAS?


Not that kind of space game, but… maybe?

Sorry, I thought this was another Elitelike-fly-one-ship space combat sim. Never mind.

Just played it a little bit and man, it has improved markedly since the last time I gave it a fair chance. I’m quite impressed. It’s very Mount&Blade-ish now, and I mean that in the best possible way.

I’m assuming you can use a gamepad to control it, right? Or is it more like Star Control 2’s keyboard controls? I hope it’s not like S.P.A.Z.'s mouse and keyboard hybrid controls.

I’m playing it with mouse and keyboard, and it is not really like SPAZ. More like… asteroids, in a way? You use keyboard to turn, accelerate/decelerate and choose weapons, and mouse to fire, activate shields and aim your turrets (I think). There’s more to it (a lot more), but those would be the basic controls.

It’s a very tactical game, with a surprisingly deep layer of simulation to its systems. The controls suit it perfectly in my opinion, and I have no idea if it would work with a gamepad, so I never thought about trying one. As far as I know, it doesn’t support controllers, but I could be wrong.

I’m really enjoying the detail in this. Flux feels strange because the last game that I played with flux, they were pink and dangerous. Brian would understand. :)

Digging the OP. Nice post.

The game is WASD + mouse, and imo it’s one of the virtues of the game, as they are simple and intuitive, with the depth coming from the game systems. One of the keys is to use shift + wasd to strafe relative to the cursor position.

One of the new abilities in the game is a limited “bulle time”

I bought this game in 2011. I liked the idea, but It seems I am not good at quick thinking about many things at the same time. Anyway if they finish it, I will play it. The last news I heard was that they where aiming for some open world with Mount & Blade style. And that was a kinda awesome idea, specially if they allow modability (So somebody make a star wars mod or star trek or babylon 5 one). Maybe this is a game that would work better on consoles with a control pad, if they can fit the controls in a pad. It was ackward to play with a keyboard.

I love the concept of this game and I’m really looking forward to its release… But I hope it’s possible to play more as a tactical RTS than an arcade-2d shooter.

I like the look of the combat, and I’m sure I’d enjoy it, but I don’t want my piloting skills in the flagship to be the deciding factor in each battle. I had the same problem in M&B: It was a lot of fun, but I sometimes had a tough time managing my minions and fighting at the same time. I kind of wished I could just play it as a sandbox tactical RTS.

It can be pretty tactical, deciding from where to attack, what roles have each ship on the fleet, and you can put several weapon systems on autofire, and with the slow and big ships the experience isn’t exactly a fast arcade game.

That sounds great. I actually don’t mind the fast arcade stuff, but I was disappointed with SPAZ for example because each battle depended almost entirely on my successful piloting of the biggest/best ship (due in part to the small size of the player fleet and the fact that most battles were straight-up slug-fests where the player was almost always outnumbered and outgunned).

I watched some Starsector LP videos a year ago and it seems like a much more tactical battle system because of all the objectives spread across the map and the fact the player can field many individual ships of different classes (e.g., so I could fields huge wings of smaller fighters with carriers or fewer cruisers with bigger weapons or a mix of both). In that scenario, I’m sure I’d like to control the big flagship sometimes, but I also like the idea that my capital ships can perform competently on their own and I’ll just oversee my victory from the cockpit of a frigate.

It’s nice that this is only $15 right now, makes it more likely that I will take the plunge on the game.

My favorite part of their website is this:

Thanks for posting about this game turintur, had no idea about it! :-)


What is that from?

Agreed. Thanks for the heads up.

You are welcome. Actually, we had another thread for the game, but it was due a new thread with the correct title, as the game changed name time ago (before it was known as Starfarer) so having a thread without the correct name was problematic. Hence this thread.

As you can see the “five years in the making” wasn’t a joke.

One time I renamed all the ships in my fleet to the names of ex-Red Sox players. Needless to say the cruiser Ted Williams did superbly, and the destroyer Manny Ramirez was always getting into trouble.

The frigate Pokey Reese was consistently punching above its weight and doing admirably, but eventually got itself blown up.