Starsector: Best space combat seven years in the making

Yeah, I have no problem with the text size myself.

Does anyone really play this ironman? I die a lot. Often because I accidentally hit right-click at a critical moment (I really need to re-map that). Sometimes because this is a true QT3 game and I decide to play one last battle before bed and I’m too tired to know what I’m doing, and of course because sometimes I overestimate my fleet’s abilities.

I’m far too incompetent at battles to play this ironman. Maybe some day, but right now that would be suicidal given my high degree of incompetence.

I signed with hegemony, need the steady income to defray monthly costs.

I’m hesitant to start playing this most nights because I know I’ll have a hard time stopping.

I am trying to make it as a scavenger right from the start. There are vast area In the solar systems and only the middle have things of interest. Can you find things on the edges of the solar systems or am I wasting my time trying to find things.

Can you find things on the edges of the solar systems

From my experience, not really. Unless you are on a mission to find something on the fringes of a system it doesn’t seem worth randomly searching the whole system map.

You can get a skill which gives you the “neutrino detector” which seems like it’s for finding hidden things, but I haven’t been able to make much use of it yet.

As a scavenger searching randomly isn’t where it’s at. You want to look for conflicts and pirate or path raids so you can come in after battles and salvage things.

That’s me + I try to squeeze in play time before I leave for work.

Thanks, that’s great to know.

Bought it and played it for a few minutes and some of the fonts are just too damn small. 1920 x 1080. Which is a shame as this game looks amazing. No regrets, maybe when 1.0 releases the tiny fonts will be legible.

I hope so too. Some of the text is fine, but some others is really hard to see. Like the names of your weapon groups in the bottom of the screen. Part of the problem is I often play on a large display from the couch, so the small text becomes much more of an issue.

Hope their UI scaling experiments work out well.

This helped my old eyes. I moved it down to 1366x768, full screen, with these settings on the .exe properties.

Thanks, I’ll give this a try @tylertoo

The one who does so is one brave person. =)

Hmm I tried doing that, but there does not seem to be a resolution for Ultra-Wide screens that is low res.

Does this work for non-full screen?

Edit: Dont seem to work for non-full screen. Back to squinting!

Not that I want to encourage feature creep, but this game desperately needs a battle recording mode like the Total War games.

It’s no battle recording, but I’ve found at least having stats afterwards is nice.

Combat Analytics is a mod that provides some good after-battle feedback. You can see which ships and weapons are doing damage. It’s especially good if you let the AI control your ship.

I did and stabilized to the point that I stopped playing since there wasn’t much else to really do.

After learning all the tricks I guess one can do it. I occassionally bump into fleets that hopelessly outmatch my own when first starting out, it almost always means a reload is necessary.

That worked! Thank you.

As we say in Maine, @tylertoo is wicked cunnin’.

Ok, I’ve saved up 1.3M, what am I looking for that’s an optimal choice for colonizing a planet?

Any particular kind, I’m guessing the first one might need some agriculture perhaps? What should I shoot for in terms of location? Near the central hub? More planets in same sector that can also be colonized? And what defenses need to go up immediately to keep pirates at bay? And is what you can purchase sufficient to keep them under control or do I have to loiter about for awhile protecting it?

I think any star system that contains 3 planets that have 125% rating and below would be great. Any bonuses on top of that would be fantastic. Try to keep the star within say 10 light years of the core worlds, so that accessibility score and travel time to the core worlds would be good.

Note: You DON’T need to start with Agriculture and “move” up the supply chain. Your colonies will “source” for input material from other factions.

Edit: The reason for having 3 planets in 1 system is that your patrol fleets will basically decimate any opposition that comes in when you have 3 patrol generating bases upgraded. And defending 3 with your fleet multiplies your effectiveness with travel time etc.