Starsector: Best space combat ten years in the making - 0.951 out

Or you can do it the fun way and get a small and fast fleet and smuggle some contraband.

I do really appreciate that this space game has a good stealth system! It’s cool to distract patrols by disabling a comms sat, and then drifting into a station while hiding in an asteroid belt. But I found a lot of times I’d need to kite a patrol that’s hugging a station which was annoying.

But isn’t smuggling still best accomplished with a large trading fleet? A legit trading fleet can run with transponders on, and on the off-chance you get searched your shielded cargo compartments are much more effective when there are tons of legal cargo in your hold.

A big trade ship gets detected on the way in due to the big signature.

A fleet of small ships like hounds (fast, good cargo and shielded compartments) can go dark and never get detected.

Sure, but I’m not talking about avoiding detection, I’m talking about going in with your lights on and your holds full of (mostly) legal goods.

If 10% of your cargo is illegal, but that 10% is shielded, then 19 out of 20 customs stops won’t find anything. Assuming the wiki right about this. Anyway, I’d rather be blasting than trading.

Yeah but im talking about fun here hah

I had two colonies in the same system. And then I had one. Both had positive growth, were in the 6 -9 stability range. The older one had good defenses, the new one had ground defenses and I was building an orbital station. There had been pirate activity but I wiped out the pirate base.

Anyone know if a colony can be destroyed? If so should I get an announcement?

I wonder if this is a bug. I had saved and exited the game when I had two colonies. When I continued the game at some point I noticed that one colony was gone.

Question: I am playing the vanilla version of the latest build. And I have a mercenary fleet that is much more powerful pursuing my fleet. They caught me three times and each time I used a story point to disengage. They caught me again in hyperspace and I’m out of story points. How can I escape them without losing my fleet? I tried engaging with a portion of my fleet and then retreating but each time that I retreat they engage immediately and I’m running out of supplies

How you tried talking to them? There are several instances in the game where the main quest will generate a fleet that pursues you as part of the story. You need to talk to them and make a decision if that’s what’s happening.

I did try to talk my way out of it initially and opened the comm link but I don’t recall what transpired, it was brief and my only options were to spend a story point or engage. What I do recall was that I failed to deliver some organ parts on time for a pirate gangster, so they may have taken out a bounty on my crew.

I reloaded and every time the mercenary fleet eventually catches up with me and won’t talk with me and I can’t shake them.

EDIT: It appears I have earned the wrath of Warlord Jorien Kanta, head honcho of the pirates. Looks like I’m effed.

Can you let the AI control your ship, but override one function for yourself?

I don’t believe so. It is either full auto or you manually control the ship has been my experience.

I thought you could set your guns to auto and just steer. I’ll have to check.

You can, that’s how I played. Worked great, the AI was much better at judging ranges and firing arcs, to the point of firing individual weapons.

How do you do that?

One way is from the manage weapon groups menu:

You can group weapons together and the top row will enable autofire for that particular group. So with this setup, I am manually controlling my rockets, but the AI aims and fires everything else. That’s a pretty good default setup, since humans can be much more effective at timing and not wasting missiles than the AI.

If you want the AI to control everything, enable all groups to autofire. In combat, switch to a group that isn’t being used. In this case, I would select group 5, 6, or 7. All weapons will now be fired by the AI. You need to switch away from groups 1-4, since if you have one of them selected, you override the autofire behavior for that group. Useful if you want to temporarily stop the AI from spamming missiles or whatnot.

Autofire settings can also be controlled mid-fight by using the CTRL key + weapon group number to enable or disable autofire for that group. This is useful if you forget to set autofire for your groups before combat.

Autofire is extremely useful and should be your default for most weapon groups in most situations.

Yeah you always have to have control of one group.

Missiles tend to be the best option imo, since you can fire them at good moments when you see an opening and even if you flub it, they’ll probably do something by drawing PD and the like.

Very helpful as I misunderstood the auto fire setting

You do, but you can control a group with no weapons in it to give control of all weapons to the AI.

Shuma has it right, I used autofire for my weapons.

I also marked the settings box that inverted the behavior of the ‘strafe and turn to cursor’ button, since I always wanted it on. Made the ships much easier to maneuver IMO.

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