Starshatter Demo Released

bother no ones mentioned it, try for download links.

This may be the most fun I’ve had with a space sim since freespace

and milo the GUI rocks.

And props to Milo for not pimping it himself. :)

Downloading now ! :D

Joystick required?

no, it has a mouse setup as well.

Grrr … it keeps generating an error on startup saying it can’t set 800x600x32 bit mode ? :(

Lemme guess, you have a Radeon card with Catalyst 4.2 drivers?

I just had somebody report a similar problem this afternoon. I think he was able to get past it by changing his desktop resolution before launching the game.

Try creating a file called video.cfg in the game directory. Paste in the following settings:


width: 1024
height: 768
depth: 32

d3d: 7
max_tex: 2048
primary3D: true
gamma: 145

terrain_detail_level: 4
terrain_texture_enable: true

flare: true
corona: true
nebula: true
dust: 0

And let me know if that helps or not. Sorry it’s not working out for you…


Yes. :wink:

I fixed it Milo by changing my screen res from 1280x960 to 1024x768. Then I restarted the game and it loaded this time. I changed the game res to 1024x768 then exited the game and changed my desktop back to 1280x960.

No problems now. Game loads. :)

Have you set a release date yet?

I’m glad y’all are enjoying it. I’ve been following SS for years, and am currently in the beta, and loving it immensely. I can’t wait to see the final version released. Milo has really done an awesome job filling a void in the space sim market, and listening to his fans. I feel he should be applauded. ;)

Starshatter - a name evocative of a giant galaxy sized kitty-cat evacuating its bowels on the inky blackness of space.

I really like the demo. Looks like title I’m going to pick up once it’s available.

I was slightly worried about the performance right after I launched it because the mouse control in the initial menu seemed sloppy/choppy and I was like “Uh oh, if the menu is like that, do I really want to know how the actual game will run on my PC?”. Fortunately, it’s very smooth.

after you go through the virtual docking rings, how do the magnetic landing gear work? i was inside the landing bay of the first mission and couldn’t tell how high above the floor i was. do i have to use my thrusters to move straight down and touch the floor?

the second time i was going in when the view automatically changed from the cockpit to the outside front view again and i mixed up left and right and crashed.


Damn good demo. Slightly annoying that the wingman crashed when I asked him to land during the first planetary training mission though.