Starship Troopers - A Good Movie?

How is Dizzy still alive?

So, on the one hand it kind of looks like anime Starship Troopers. On the other, they got the armor and possibly the tactical nukes, so that’s cool. Looks like the theatrical release listed was a few days ago, wonder how that went.

I surprisingly enjoyed STARSHIP TROOPERS: Traitor of Mars. Almost as good as the original live action move, certainly better than the previous anime movie and the rest of the live action movies! Update: it left a weird aftertaste for me the day after watching it. Nothing I said was incorrect, it had some fun thematic moments and certainly the 2nd best of the bunch but maybe my praise was a little too energetic. Its not bad, and has different issues than the 1st movie, but I know some people loved the first and may not love this one as much…

Its currently on Hulu, still worth a watch.

Just watched old Starship troopers. How on EARTH could they get things so wrong. And goofy. Nothing like Heinlein’s book. And those guns? God help them it is freaking terrible.

I loved every minute of it. And I’ve seen it 6 times.

How on earth it doesn’t add up. It is a terrible movie!

For my Seattle peeps: Hecklevision at Central Cinema in a couple weeks.

Yep, its great! :D

LK it is terrible! But I still like it. It is so dumb a movie that it hurts to watch it,

Thread revived!

Good lord, I never saw this thread until now.
My gf and I saw this in the theater back in 97 when it first came out. To this day, that remains my only viewing of this. I really need to see it again. I think I own it on DVD. Along with a boxed copy of the computer FPS game, which I’ve never played.

Within 10 minutes of it starting, I was giving my gf the elbow, asking if it was okay with her if we just walked out of there. The utterly vacuous characters sent me nearly into insanity.

But she said, “Let’s give it a chance.”

By the three-quarter mark, I was totally entranced by the battle scenes. The gore. Watching these vacuous characters get torn limb from limb was an odd thing. On one level, I knew I was supposed to be rooting for them, and yet…

The most powerful moment in the film (for me) was a scene where it became obvious just how badly outnumbered the humans were. These bugs came pouring over the scenery like a flood, and I, being totally into the movie by this point, felt a physical sense of loss, as if I knew I was about to die. No movie had ever done that to me before that, or since. Powerful stuff.

And that’s when my gf gave me the elbow. She wanted to walk out.

But there was no way I was leaving now. I was enthralled by this thing, and you could not have dragged me out.

Thing is, neither of us had ever walked out of a movie before, so the fact that we both had the overwhelming urge to do so at very different points in the same film says something.

Looking back from the present, she hated the experience. I loved it. Something within me recognized that there was satire there, but I didn’t ever stop to analyze it. I simply enjoyed the ride.

25 years old. Wow, I remember watching it in the theater with my brother. I should re-watch it one of these days. Certainly I didn’t think the dangers of fascism were coming to the U.S. any time soon back in 1997. People in this thread clearly did in 2002, but come on, that was after 9/11, so that changes the landscape quite a bit.

I only recently realized Edward Neumeier wrote a few of the sequels to this. I’m kind of tempted to check them out.