Starship Troopers: Terran Command

just got an email from Slitherine games. Steam demo will be out October 1st! Oops, that’s today!

Somebody should take one for the team…

Looks like the troops are not in Armor like in the book, but more like the movies that couldn’t afford to put them in Armor because of budget constraints.


reminds me to play more Infested Terran Planet

Oh man, a fully armored Starship Troopers game would be the best. I remember picking up a copy of the book from the library as a kid and just being enamored with that opening assault. Of course then the book gets info full-on lecture mode and I was all {{SNORE}} but it was good while it lasted.

I was already in college by the time I read it, so the lecture stuff in the classroom was more interesting to me than the combat.

The demo’s only a 4 gig download. It’s pretty much what you’d expect - a slightly low budget rendition of the infantry scenes from the movie, done as RTS/Tower Defence. I like the basic idea of controlling a map, taking over resource and reinforcement points (radio towers) and eliminating enemy spawns (bug hives) so that outweighs the slightly basic presentation for me. Might well pick up, but no release date yet.

It says release date 31 march 2022 on steam.

So it does… I think something I read in the demo said they didn’t know yet.

Before I knew the book or the movie, this was my frame of reference for Starship Troopers:

Now that’s power armor!


This reminded me of the old starship trooper game. Atleast it had powerarmors!

As I stated above, I still have that game. Running low on underground mapping sheets. Unit counters in several film cannisters. Loved it.

I never knew that game existed. But man, I reaaaaally dig that 50s era sci-fi aesthetic.

I am in the beta for this, NDA STUFF. PM me if you have questions. :P

Thanks for the heads up @Sonoftgb

Wonder if it’ll make it’s way to Gamepass?

The pre-order’s $17 on CDKeys… Argh. Grey sites make me feel guilty.

Do your part, Citizen.

De nada

i love infested planet so much. so many sundays have disappeared trying to win planetary campaigns on the hardest difficulty, to no avail but fun fun fun. wish rocket bear was still making games.

Some recommended Starship Troopers -like reading: Armor by John Steakley, and Old Man’s War + Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi.

Infested Planet is great, highly recommended, and I loved Terra Nova in its day.