Started playing Dead Space and like it, but

why is Isaac hunched over like that all the time?

Also, the strobe lighting effects look a little strange sometimes, as if there are horizontal stripes of different light intensities on the player character–is that a normal thing or is my video card doing something wonky?

Why is Isaac hunched over? Well, he’s in a heavy suit, and I noticed that the more he gets injured, the more hunched over he gets. But even at full health he doesn’t stand up fully straight. I always took this to mean that he is always a little weak and vulnerable, even at full strength.

Not sure what you’re talking about with the strobe light effects.

Loved the game,but find it quite spooky to be honest. Almost as much as Systemshock 2 at places… Never saw the strobe light effects either though, but I have the Xbox version, so thats probably it

On the PC, I found having V-sync turned off made a lot of the flashy strobe effects look really strange.

I got this on black friday for the xbox. Pretty damn cool game. I love the decision to have no HUD.

NVM: Wrong thread.

The worst was this one section of the ship where not only are strobe lights going crazy, but there is an extremely loud grating whine. I was like, “Ok, this might actually give me epilepsy”. Fuck whatever designer threw that in. Fuck them right in their optic nerves.

I think you may have a video problem, though, because I don’t think I saw many strobe effects in general outside of that one little asshole section.

Well, I did turn V-sync off because I’d been told that having it on greatly reduced performance.

Turning V-Sync off utterly removed the horrendous mouse-lag for me, so I’d definitely recommend trying it.

There is a HUD. It’s on your character’s back.

Seconded, it plays like a different game with it off.

The real question is, if Papageno, who is playing with V-sync off, turns it back on, will it fix his weird strobe light graphical anomaly?

By the way, which weapons did you all end up using the most? I used the Plasma Cutter (eventually fully upgraded) for dismembering and close quarters, and the Pulse Gun (also eventually fully upgraded) for everything else. I played around with the Contact Beam, but I found it fired way too slowly for the mostly fast-moving enemies. I also tried the Flamethrower, and even fully upgraded it, but it wasn’t even remotely as effective as my other two weapons. I was thinking it might be great against stuff like the little walking starfish things, but a rotated Plasma Cutter worked a lot better for me on those. I found the the Flamethrower DPS just way too low, especially when facing a mixed group of enemies.

I wanted to mess with both the Line Gun and the Force Gun, but I never got around to it. Anyone try them out?

Oh, the other thing is that if you turn v-sync on, you are definitely going to want to use something like d3doverrider to enable d3d triple buffering. The lack of a proper “enable triple buffering in D3D as well as opengl” option in the display control panel and the benchmarketting trend towards big frame/flip queue sizes is definitely not a good thing. I mean it’s every game now where their forums get filled with “input lag” threads.

The plasma cutter is kind of like the arc welder for Red Faction where just because you get it early and it starts off weak some people thought it was the first candidate for ditching. I never found anything that was as good at killing stuff :)

If I had to carry that heavy armour I think I’d be hunched over for the whole game too.

Is that something that can be done in the nvidia control panel or do I have to use that third-party app you named?

Speaking of input lag, I did notice that in the menu screens, before I turned V-sync off, the cursor was not moving in a 1:1 relationship with the mouse movement. Does d3doverrider fix that without having to turn off v-sync?

He stands up straight in zero-G. It’s implied that the engineering suit is not meant to be worn for extended periods in regular gravity. What, with those huge stompy mag-boots and life-support helmet (that’s pretty sucky with 90 seconds or so of oxygen, but I imagine they give you a big-ass air tank when you’re gonna be welding blast shielding on the hull of the Nostromo)

Not much of a Heads Up Display though is it?

Triple-buffering is not exactly a good thing either. It may increase your overall frame rate in unfortunate situations, but it also adds a frame of lag.

But yeah, the extreme input lag thing is ridiculous and drives me nuts. There is no good excuse for why that still happens. Someone needs to start incorporating input lag into benchmarking as a standard thing.

TB isn’t adding lag as long as your overall FPS is high enough, the only frames it would ever lag are ones that would have looked torn anyhow.

And yeah there’s no easy way to do it without a third party utility - as far as I’ve heard the reason is that MS refuses to WHQL certify any driver that allows D3D triple buffering in the control panel. The other thing you’re 99% likely to need to do to kill off input lag is decrease the “Frames rendered ahead” number (or “Flip queue size” for ATI) using either the drivers control panel or a utility like Rivatuner (nv) or ATI Tray Tools (ati). It’s all really annoying.