Starting up another Werewolf Style Game

Well enough time has passed since my last venture into running a werewolf style game and I have decided to do another one. Most of the ground work is layed out but I need to see how many people would be interested in doing another one before I can finish everything up.

what say you?

Current Players:

Demon G sides
Juan Rayo
Lazy shiftless Bastard
Mike O’Malley

I’d love to play.

What’s the setting this time? Or is that a secret? Either way, I’m in if the 12 hour time difference doesn’t bother anyone.

The setting is going to be kept secret till the actual game is posted, I think all of you will like it.

I love these games. Count me in.

I’d love to play!

I’d like to play. It’ll be my first one.

There are actually alot of spots available for this game so please continue to sign up.

I’m in. Though I tend to get killed off right near the beginning.

I am ready to lose my virginity.

I"ve played in a great lot of them since I’ve been here. Hell, I was ‘in charge’ in the last one. I should be burnt out on these.


Sign me up.

i’m in. if there’s a guy who never played before and he gets in after, feel free to give him my spot.

me too! except in the thing game where i was only tested first.

Glad to see people from my last one sign up for this one.

Hey, I’ll give it a shot if you’ll have me. I don’t post alot, but been around a long time and really enjoyed reading the last one you did Clay.

I’ll play. I play these games all the time on another board. It would be cool to play one here.

Not me!

Just kidding. :-) I’m passing because I don’t have the time right now and think it’s only fair that other people get a chance.

Yeah, I’d jump in but I don’t really have the time right now. I’m happy to watch paranoid people savage each other from the sidelines, though.

God, I’d love to. With Qt3 blocked at work, sadly, I don’t think that I’ll be able to.

This league is amazing. I want to thank Moyzan in a more public area for being extremely generous tonight. He gifted 3 boosters to me, and I’m in his debt for it (Mostly because of my current financial situation).

I owe you man, i’m eternally grateful.

I’ll play! Someone tell me how to play too…