Starting up another Werewolf Style Game

Siren, Sarkus, Raife

that sux, but understand. If you can find a way love to have ya play. I really need to get alot more people to sign up.

x me for this
Erm, that is, yeah I want to play

Only a werewolf would be so eager…

Still needing more players, don’t get left out sign up today :)

I’m really looking to get about 6-8 more players for this thing.

A 20+ person brawl? That sounds interesting. I’ll sign up for it, as long as we don’t require unanimous votes!

Got 15 if we can get 5 more it would be perfect.

I’m in. Let’s do this.

My plan is to start this up tomorrow, if you want in please let me know. There is plenty of room in the game and the it is designed the more people the better.

I’m game! Count me in. I enjoyed the last one.


Hey, if you don’t have time, we can always stake you first. :)

Bring it!

OK not to be a dick but why are people not involved in the game posting in the game thread?

I’m in, if you still have slots.

I am sorry Salwon, the game is already posted, I would have to restart and re-roll everyones characters to add you to it now.

Space ships…SWEEEEET.

I get Voorhees, Weaver, and KRussel, but who are RScott and JCarp?

I’m going to guess Ridley Scott and John Carpenter.


Probably made up players to fill out the roster, as Clay did the same thing last time? Not that they lasted very long . . . :-)

The spaceship idea is cool. I’ve been thinking about doing one for a while since they seem a rather rare setting for these types of games so it’ll be interesting to see what Clay does with it.