Is anyone else watching Starved? It’s my favorite new show by far. It’s on FX, don’t know the time due to DVR. I’m really enjoying the show, great dialog and acting. It’s really a sitcom, but there’s no laugh track and the dramatic moments have been very well handled - no “A very special episode of Starved” but very much like friends suddenly dropping their banter when they realize it is necessary.

If you deal with any sort of compulsive behavior, you really have to watch it.

Excellent, intelligent show. It’s a little like Seinfeld, but with even less likeable characters, + eating disorders. I really like it, but it’s kinda sick. The show that follows it, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is a more conventional sitcom, but also sort of F’d up, and funny as hell.

Starved is generally on at 10 PM on Thursday nights, although it seems to jump around a bit.