Stasis 2 : Bone Totem

So I enjoyed the first game and its free prequel / dlc Cayne. I still have to finish their other game Beautiful Desolation which I am only a few hours into.

The developers just announced a sequel to Stasis and it looks fantastic, they have a fundraising campaign going on, as it looks like they are skipping the kickstarter site.

There is a demo on the site to try.

Full game release estimate: Q1 2022

@Chris_Bischoff , anything to add?

Oh, hmm, I forgot I had the first game but never played it. Maybe next Halloween.

You pretty much nailed all the points. :D

Happy to answer anyones questions tho!

Steam page is up! Q1 2022.

I’d missed that this was coming - wishlisted.

Out on May 31st!

I’m only a couple of hours in, but I’m really digging this so far. I like all the playable characters - especially Moses, the child-minding AI teddy bear without a child to mind. His out of place observations about how unsuitable the environment is really works for me.

If you liked Stasis, or the other Brotherhood games, I don’t think you can go wrong with this.

Yep I picked it up, haven’t played it yet though.

@Chris_Bischoff are you still around these parts? Nice to see you have another game out!

Glad to see these guys have another new game, I forgot this was on the way. So I’m guessing that since it’s callled Stasis that it’s a horror themed game, like their other Stasis games? Just checking since their last game, Beautiful Desolation, wasn’t a horror game.

Same universe as the previous ones.