STASIS, An Isometric SciFi Adventure Game

That looks great! I still have to watch the videos, to see how all ties together in the game.

Razgon: ¬¬

Aye, the is pretty important at this time.

Anyways - it looks pretty damn interesting! And you did all that by yourself? Awesome!

The art style and execution are very appealing–I’m quite impressed. The concepts for both games also sound good. I do worry (as I’m sure you do as well) whether trying to do all this as essentially a one man band might, um, kill you or something before either project is done?

Those screens look excellent. Like, I want that installed on my computer right now excellent.

Thanks for sharing, and as a potential customer I wish you well in completing your projects as they both look and sound terrific.

I agree with TheWombat. While both of these look cool, the number one enemy you face is inability to finish. Seeing this major a shift in focus (basically switching tracks altogether) is sad to me, as I was significantly more interested in the first game, and even if that weren’t the case, I now have much less confidence that we’ll actually see a completed version of either game.

Still, I applaud your energy and your interest, and I sincerely wish you the best in finishing… something :-)

The Post Apocalyptic game really was just a 2 week distraction. I’ve been working on Stasis for nearly 2 years solidly in my spare time-sometimes as an artist you worry if things are getting a little stale, and need to try something else for a bit. If anything, it has reinvigorated my work on Stasis, and my love of the small cramped spaces and dark corridors of The Groomlake.

I had an idea, and was interested to see if I could pull it off. I did s similar experiment with my ‘3 Day Cinematic’ (on the YouTube channel), where I challenged myself to creating a decent cinematic trailer in a weekend. That’s why I gave myself a timeline to see how much I could get done in a short amount of time-but the intention was never to run two large projects simultaneously. Hell, just the one large project is enough to go a little mad on!

I’m still fully committed to Stasis, and have no plans to start another big project until Stasis is out of the kiln. :)

As a side note, if I was going to do another full blown IP, I would definately do something in a cyberpunk blade-runneresque world. The post apocalyptic stuff has already been fantastically done in so many games. I’d want to create a world of Cybernetic implants, rain covered streets, freakish genetic experiments, androids, huge dilapidated buildings, complete with an underworld of seedy bars, damsels in distress, and an Orwellian big brother government.

All in isometric. :)

These both look good, ETA’s?

Both look fantastic. Good luck on finishing!

I seriously cannot get over how beautiful your artwork is Chris. Honestly, if nothing else ever comes out of your projects (and I am not at all suggesting that will be the case), I’m grateful to have gotten these glimpses into your fictional worlds :)

Beautiful work, Chris. It’s a much more evocative and detailed version of how Enslaved tried to look!



1000 Years Later may never see the light of day…but STASIS is on the ‘when its done’ category. That said, it wont be measured in years until a release. ;)



Armando Penblade

Wow! Thats an incredible compliment. Making the worlds is what drives me-and believe me when I say that there is SO MUCH MORE where these come from.

Tom Chick

Thanks so much man-and thanks for including me in there forums!

Not a big update, but I know that I owe you guys for my recent quiet time!

Here we have a shot of SERVICE PLATFORM 2, from Chapter Ones opening few scenes. Its a lead off from PRODUCT STORAGE, and a lead onto…well, I cant tell you whats just to the right of this screen, but let me just say that it. is. awesome!

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. -Jean-Jacques Rousseau
I’m hoping that you guys will agree with me that the game play video was worth the wait.


I know it seems that I’ve been out of action of late, but I can promise you that I’ve been slaving away! Through 2 bouts of flu, and a house move.
Here is a game play snippet from the Crew Quarters section. Its quite difficult to record game play videos of Adventure Games when you are trying to keep the story, and puzzles secret-because without showing some of the puzzles or story, you are essentially just going to have a character walk around a room.

I’ve tried to keep you going with the bare bones of what you can explore in these areas-but rest assured that there are many many descriptions and interactions you have with the world…this game play video just shows a nice quick path through the crew quarters! All of those things you want to click on, and poke to see what they are (like the oozing breathing pile of red mush in the corner of the sleeping block…)….you can.

There are also some cool new things to notice in the video. The dialogue system is complete and working, with the ability to walk around and interact with things while the dialogue is going on. Not a big thing perhaps, but still pretty cool. There WILL be voice over in the final game The current game does have my voice in place of the voice overs, but I took them out because…well, it sounds like a guy with a South African accent reading a script. Really terrible stuff!

Its a pretty nerve wracking experience every time I release something about the game. To know that people are about to look at 100′s of hours of work…but soon STASIS will be out in the world! Well…soonish…


Looking good! Love the vibe of the game.

Be reassured that it’s looking great Chris. I’ve seen enough now to put this on my instabuy list, don’t want to spoil anything.

Here are some new screenshots taken from the video.

Krayzkrok-Thanks for setting my mind at ease! Don’t worry, there is still LOTS more to the game that hasn’t even been scratched on in the videos and screenshots. Its almost frustrating, because I want to just say 'This is what happens! And then you can do this! And then when you enter X room you get…" well, you get the idea. ;)

Rod - I’m spending a lot of time ensuring that the atmosphere is consistent and ‘immersive’. Even the music changes subtly depending on which room you are in (most noticeable when you drop into the sewer).

I must say, the sound design really adds an entire other dimension to the levels. It makes the places feel…‘deeper’. Difficult to explain, but playing before the sounds are added, and then playing after is like night and day.

Damn. This is beautiful.

Somehow the art style (i.e. awesome) reminds me a bit of FUTURE WARS, an AMiGA point and click adventure game by Delphine Software. So, Yes, this looks good! Good luck and keep up the nice work :-)

As a huge lover of adventure games I have to say I’m so pleased there are still people out there making things like this.

It looks fantastic. Keep up the good work!

Thanks so much guys. ;)