State of Decay 2 - Time is your worst enemy

State of Decay is one of the best games of 2015, and one of my personal favorites ever. I really don’t hope that your tagline is official though, for there is nothing worse than being on a timer in games like these.

The full reveal!!! Of our latest concept art. …sad trombone…

And it’s multiplayer only?

an all-new, multiplayer zombie survival fantasy

I hope they have co-op bots or something.

That would be a pretty big troll.

What is this, metal gear survive?

It came out in 2013 :-o

longer than I remembered

Ouch, really?! Thats crazy! I did wonder if I was remembering correctly, but figured that hey, it must have come out in 2015, with the new version in 2016 but wow - That surprises me.

Oh, and 4-player co-op confirmed by twitter , so I think thats what multiplayer game may refer to.

State of Decay is my favorite zombie game, evar. That being said, none of the above is really firing me up.

I liked this one too, and it’s one of the games that finally helped me to understand why some of you dislike fast travel so much, after reading one of Tom’s articles where he mentioned State of Decay. While I am still not bothered by the presence of fast travel personally, I can see where this game’s implementation of it does a nice job of integrating itself organically into the game world. Vehicles are plentiful but while using them gives you fast travel it also invests you in the game, and each trip is itself a meaningful adventure.

I would definitely check out a sequel but I hope they get rid of the teleporting zombies.

I just really got into State of Decay Year One, and… I must confess I dislike zombie games. But this game, this game is so good, to heck with genre prejudice! It actually might be the one and only ombie game, since in no other game have I felt that your true enemy was your own loss of control, not some randomly gruntlers spawning in your back.
The only thing I am not fond of is the radar map, but I understand it being there, as the sound localization of remaining threats seems nearly impossible in this game, and would be unnecessarily frustrating.

Edit: dang, 29 days later, not 28!

I actually use a mod to hide the zombies on the radar. I like the uncertainty it introduces. Which I guess you could say is another word for “frustration”, but it fits the theme. Also, I’m pretty sure the zombies stop showing up on the radar map as you go up levels in the Breakdown add-on.


I tried to look into mods, but I found it confusing to find something that did what I wanted without adding a tons of side effects, like some overprescribed medication. I found what might be the one you used on your stream that removed the body snatchers make-up on the zombies, but would you be nice enough to share the name of the one that removes your radar? I’d love to give it a try (and probably turn “baby-mode” back on soon after, in all honesty). I hope the hordes are still being displayed, or I am definitively screwed…

Yesterday’s experience reminded me the event that pushed me over and had me giving up on my previous run, a few years back: nearly lost Maya, running out of breath while being pursued by a Juggernaut (how in hell do you deal with those things?!) as she was fleeing the theater of a siege fiasco*. I remember that when I played State of Decay the previous time, on the exact same kind of mission, I had lost Marcus to the same kind of monstruosity…

######*We are the besieged: why the hell do those survivors run to their death outside, trying to go fisticuffing that beast?! Well, I guess the suicidal testosteroney cretins are a trademark of the zombie movie genre…

Here you go:

YOSE No Zombie Radar

As for Juggernauts, you just have to pour firepower onto them and stay out of their reach.


Thanks for the link!

I can’t pour anything onto them: they raise such a ruckus, zombies come everywhere, preventing me from taking aim!
I think I’ll just stay clear of “besieged” missions until I learn how to take care of them. In the same way that I quickly learned to ignore those “feral hunts” (who is the hunter, really?).

Headshots and explosives for the juggs. Molotov cocktails work well too; I save them for the early story mission that includes a juggernaut. You can use melee if your timing is good. Bring snacks to replenish stamina.

This makes me think you haven’t gotten a character who can use the steady aim slo-time ability yet! In which case you should probably give juggernauts a wide berth.

Ferals, on the other hand, are total fuckers. There is no way to deal with ferals other than accepting that they will show up when you least expect it, ruin your plans, and kill your characters.


I focused all my characters on the three flavours of meleeing so far. Time to pump up the cardio on one of the newest rescued, I guess!

Explosives, I can only dream of for the time being…

I guess lots of jank is still going to be a thing in the sequel.

Trailer looked good.

Have they confirmed whether they are still doing the dumb real time thing where your survivor camp progresses while you are offline?

Also it was crappy what they did to customers with the year one edition. Maybe i will just wait a year to buy this one so they don’t charge me twice for the game again.

Finally! We have a launch date and price.

May 22nd.

$30 for the regular edition. $50 for the ultimate edition which comes with the season pass.

Unfortunately, the PC version will be a Windows Store app.

Whoops, I totally whiffed I’m searching for this thread.