State of Decay 2 - Time is your worst enemy


Maybe I just wasn’t looking for it, but in dozens of hours of play, I never saw this. Seemed like the same spawning system as State of Decay 1, but with provisions for more zombies, which I think is a good thing.



Also, there are hardcoded characters, and factions you hear over the radio.

I haven’t yet run into them, so maybe I just need more time. There’s a difference, though, for me anyway, between hearing someone on the radio and physically helping them fight off a horde siege.

Part of zombie mythology is that unlikely groups of people are thrown together to survive.

Something we talked about ages ago on my short-lived podcast was how zombies are particularly disturbing when your family and close friends become subsumed into the horde. Don’t you think that Undead Nightmare was much more effective having played through the Red Dead storyline and grown attached to folks like Bonnie MacFarlane?


I wasn’t sure about cars, but it really sucks. Honestly, I’m an awful driver just driving back forth to the base results in a couple of accident, having 4 or 5 zed spawn, after I’ve carefully killed all the ones around the car feels grossly unfair.


Bonnie MacFarlane was a character someone else had written. This guy and these folks were characters I had written myself.

I get what you’re saying, but the stories are there in State of Decay 2 if you care to look. You’re absolutely right that they’re not as scripted as the characters in Undead Nightmares or even State of Decay 1. But for me, that doesn’t make them any less meaningful.




It’s nice to see trans representation in the apocalypse. I wonder what their personal quest is.


I never got why Sam wore that T-Shirt in the first game, but she was an awesome survivor.


I never started my sherrifs legacy quest but when I accidentally destroyed my last plague heart her quest changed to “talk to four members” after which there didn’t seem to be anything

Do I miss out on her boon?


No, just give it time the few final quests will eventually emerge after the “talk to 4 members” quest.


Thanks. I’ve figured out what missions re-trigger and what don’t by going offline/restarting the game.


@tomchick your review of SoD2 has been gripping enough to move two friends of the genre who were initially turned away by the gaming press to pick it up. You should get kick backs from MS. Or at least a bouquet.


Some slight info on expansion:

State of Decay 2 will pick up at least two major content expansions as part of the game’s season pass

And Microsoft’s thoughts on State of Decay 3:

Fast forward to E3 2018, where Microsoft announced it was acquiring the studio in full. Working as an independent entity prevented Undead Labs and Microsoft from collaborating more closely when it came to resources, budgeting, hiring, and so on, but under the same roof, Undead Labs should have the resources it needs to build the State of Decay fans have been dreaming of. And today, Microsoft confirmed interest in building State of Decay 3.

Speaking to EggPlante, Microsoft Studios lead Matt Booty discussed Undead Labs’ acquisition:

“When we first started working on State of Decay, we had a much bigger game, a much more persistent online game, and I know that Undead Labs will get there eventually, but by bringing them into the Microsoft family, I think we’re able to accelerate that and get us there sooner which is great.”

“In the case of Undead Labs, we absolutely want to go make State of Decay 3. That is a clear goal. That studio will have some other incubation, they’ll work on some things, but this is a State of Decay 3 team.”


Just cleared my first map of plague hearts and embarked on the subsequent missions. Had to quit after a while so hopefully that chain doesn’t reset completely. Great game but seems to under use its map as far as I know so far. It would be great if you had to take over or somehow interact with strategic points around the map, rather than outposts providing a resource boost at best.


PS: no I don’t want a persistent online version :(


I didn’t ask for that.


Just moved on from map 2. Is there anything new that happens gameplay or plot wise in your third map? For me I think that’ll be one with more of a town. Second go through seemed much the same as the first, minus the learning curve.


Holy crap, State of Decay 2 was the bestselling game for May, even only counting actual sales and not Game Pass downloads.


3MA got a show about State of Decay 2 where they strangely seem to spend their time bashing it for being an action game and not a city builder (at least for the first 15 minutes. It got stale quickly so I showed myself out).


Finished my first legacy (Builder) in Drucker County. When I finally started the Legacy quests, I had to exile loads of people I didn’t necessary need/want to exile, just to satisfy the quests, and build several facilities I didn’t necessarily need/want for the same reason. I retained three survivors for the next map: Hai Quang Ho, a leveled automechanic, Ronda Mahoney, a leveled electrical engineer and my community leader who has -10 max health, +20 max stamina, and a third named Gene who, despite being a gardener, I got rid of later because he kept pissing everyone else off.

We moved to Meagher Valley and took over the Whitney Field base. This time I paid more attention to community members, and was not shy about exiling and replacing the bad eggs whenever possible. I also worked on clearing Plague Hearts sooner, and soon realized that they’re super, super easy to take down once you get the hang of it. Just chuck four or five pipe bombs at the thing, then hack away at it if it’s still alive, and it’ll go down very quickly. This time Ho was the community leader, and with him I completed the Trader legacy.

On my third go I’m in Drucker County again. Was hoping for a different map. But I got incredibly lucky with new community members, almost right away. First we picked up Logann who is a Landscape Architect (Gardening skill) and is Unusually Mature (+25% standing rewards, +50 wits experience rate). Then while out exploring with Logan, she picked up Nan who is a Science Teacher (Chemistry skill), a Plane Crash Survivor (no skill granted but probably has an interesting story) and Will Eat Anything (-50% food consumed per day); and Preston who’s a Model Hobbyist (Craftsmanship skill). So right off the bat, I have an auto mechanic, a gardener, a craftsman, a chemist, a plumber and an electrical engineer.


On my third go through I got the same map I had first time around so that’s where I quit.