State of Decay 2 - Time is your worst enemy

Same here. It seems like they always happen when you least expect it too, like on the task you thought was going to be an easy grab and go, and suddenly a feral or juggernaut pops up and while you’re fighting him a horde rounds the corner of a house and it’s OH SHIT time.

This game also has a weird way of providing sometimes, as if it knows what you need when you need it. Up above I mentioned food being my biggest concern, followed by needing a survivor with Computers skill to expand my command center. Last night, on a mission with Chavez for Izbee, a Network trader popped up on the map not far from the mission objective. I stopped by hoping he would have a nice gun or two to upgrade my armory, but instead he had a Network Signal Booster mod for 500 influence that adds two additional outpost slots to your base. Score!

Then, as if that wasn’t enough of a lucky find, while searching for the thing Chavez was after, I found a Computers textbook! I had one survivor left with a free skill slot, perfect. After he learned the skill I was able to upgrade the command center again to add yet another outpost slot, giving me three new ones and six total. I already have a food, power and water outpost, so I’m going to use these new slots for another food outpost (which combined with the farm should cover my daily needs) , a fuel outpost (should drop my daily use to -1) and save the last slot for one of the unique outposts scattered around the map. Just like that, in about 30 minutes, I went from scavenging to meet my community needs to having the means to become mostly self-sufficient. I love those moments in State of Decay 2 as well!

Finally finished the Homecoming (Trumbull Valley) campaign. I really enjoyed it. Lots of closure with characters from the first game and the Heartland campaign, along with some new friends. IT still doesn’t really explain what was going on at the end of the Heartland campaign though, nor does it give you any real additional insight into The Network or Red Talon. Given the radio chatter I was expecting some sort of conflict decision where I would need to pick one to ally with, but that never really happened. Once I took over the abandoned Red Talon base at the fairgrounds I never moved to anything larger. I only ran with 8 total survivors, and the Red Talon base had everything I really needed built-in, and what I still required in resources I was able to get from outposts after upgrading the command center and installing the mod to add more outposts.

All-in-all it was a fun experience with plenty to see and do and familiar characters continuing their stories from the previous campaigns that featured them. It was a nice full circle closure to the story of Trumbull Valley, and probably wouldn’t have taken that long to finish if I wasn’t one of those people who feels compelled to help every enclave I can, loot as many areas as possible, collect vehicles and otherwise engage in behavior that significantly extends the time it takes to complete these campaigns.

If you liked State of Decay 2, this is just more of the same with new story/character content and a few (mostly welcome) tweaks to the gameplay. I highly recommend Homecoming, especially to those folks who have soldiered their way through SoD 1 and Heartland and want to see what happens next.

I opened the thread because I was reminded this existed on Steam, was considering getting it but wondering if I’d love it like the first game.
I read Tom’s review again, but I was a bit scared of the possibility of there being too many improvements.

Grabbing it, thank you for the help, KOSC ;D

You may be upset to learn that there have been a great many improvements made to the game since that comment was posted in 2019! ;)

Indeed, after the last few updates I highly recommend the game. It’s a lot of fun. Take that @Left_Empty !


“Noooooo” (in an empire strikes back gif)

This is one of those “always installed” games in my house. I love most everything about the game as it is today. The heartland stories are so so, but everything else is a blast.

I played it only a little yesterday. Kosc lied, it’s the same game as before. I’m very happy.

I just played for the second day, and I must confess I kind of miss the off game time progression. Getting right back at the exact point I was when I left was a bit sad for me.
That design of the first game sucked in so many ways, I never had thought it actually gave a little more souls and life to my guys.

I fired up the campaign yesterday and played through the tutorial. The game feels really dated and there’s like no setup at all in terms of a story which was kind of surprising. No time to explain, just pick your favorite couple…or rather, what is there to explain? It’s the zombie apocalypse dude! Your girl friend got bitten? Happens all the time. Get in loser, we will drive to a base with a field hospital.

I quit right there. I guess I didn’t like the couple I chose.

Just like in any good zombie movie: you don’t care about those stupid jerks, then you get to know a couple of them and get attached to them, and that’s when THEY DIE SUDDENLY.
Who cares about the starting characters, the real good people are the ones that survive!

The entire point of the game are the stories that are created playing it. I could totally see why someone wouldn’t like it, but man the pain of losing someone in that game is real. :)

It’s not really that type of game. It’s more of a sim, a zombie apocalypse community survival sim. There’s nothing else quite like it!

I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily that dated, but the series has always had a certain level of jank to it for sure.

Maybe number 3 will be bigger budget!

I hope it won’t, because it has been so immersive despite the jank in those two games, I don’t need more anxiety or terror :O

The new one is perfectly fine to me the way it is after all the updates that they have done. Maybe I’m missing something, but I would like to have the first few missions not always be the same. Not a huge deal, but kind of goes against the sandbox nature of the rest of it. Oh great new map I have to get kill a bunch of zombies again to get the blood cure…

Yeah, there’s always that baked-in tutorial at the start every time that I wish could be disabled. Then it’s weird how you can just never do that initial neighbour mission if you want to disable the missions!

No way to sleep through the night despite there being beds around the base? It became night very quickly and seems to last much longer than daylight. Ouch. I’d rather not go exploring for the first time, at night.

this is why i liked the controversial always moving clock better.

But nighttime is ideal for some cardio training around your base!

You can also use the headlights of your parked car when exploring at night.

This bugged me too. I played this game for awhile but I felt like I was running errands more than I was killing the Zeds.