State of Decay 2 - Time is your worst enemy


I think, in addition, there was a period of time where the original game stopped working period unless you bought the re-master.


Yikes. That’s terrible.


No, while a nice story, this did not happen.


My understanding is that the original still has plenty of bugs, but they aren’t fixed but only fixed in year one edition (“give us more moolah and we’ll fix our game!”). I played the original I think 1-2 years ago and it played fine (but cbf finishing it so it is in the backlog purgatory).

Basically what scharmers said. It never stopped working.


I played the original game all the way through, including the Lifeline DLC, and didn’t really experience any game breaking bugs, so it wasn’t like State of Decay was broken and abandoned then owners had no recourse but to purchase Year One Edition to finish the game. Year One Edition had a very nice looking HD remaster and a bunch of gameplay tweaks and fixes that made the game more enjoyable, that’s it. The fact that they wanted to charge previous owners of State of Decay for Year One DID piss me off as a customer. But I got over it since I’d already finished the game anyway.

Bottom line, State of Decay was a fantastic zombie survival game with a lot of unique (to that point) mechanics and a compelling story. I really enjoyed it, and it’s still my favorite zombie game to date. I’m excited for State of Decay 2, and I assume there will be no “Year One” foolishness this time around because it should launch on Xbone and PC at the same time.


I’m looking back at Steam reviews, and you are correct. Though there were extremely angry reviews about how the original game was broken and only the new one worked, they were referring to the fact that the newer version received patches for things that were still broken in the original, not that the game itself wouldn’t run anymore. I confused my various flavors of hyperbolic vitriol. Sorry for that.




Looks cool. Hope the creeps don’t teleport in this one and that the cars are made from something a little stronger than paper.


Have you ever slammed a car into an adult human body at 60 MPH or so? Really, really messes up the bodywork.

Er, uh, so I’ve heard, anyway.


Oh sure, and the are plenty of stories about deer hits. But I don’t recall hitting them all that fast and the car would be smoking already. Damn, what happens if we take the Pinto?


Steer clear (oh, I kill myself!) of the Pacer…


I thought the cars were, if not just right, okay with durability. I never had the problem some folks had with a yard full of smoking, half-wrecked junkers.


But it’s just really really hard to be driving along and then see a bunch of zombies off to your right and not just plow into them. Pretty sure it isn’t actually possible to just drive on by. So I mean, all your cars are going to end up smoking heaps, what are you gonna do?


Yeah I had a blast with it, don’t get me wrong. There was a stretch where I was playing nothing else for weeks at a time. But I remember thinking at times when I had a car I liked, oh noes don’t hit anything! If I recall correctly damage to vehicles was a lot lighter if you hit zeds with the door instead of ramming.


And if you hit enough with the door, you got an achievement and a survivor in Breakdown :)


And if you hit it with your rearend, you would get no damage whatsoever. Well, until it was patched out, anyways.


The Dying Light DLC was more or less focused on zombie-vehicle interaction.


Damn you… time for a reinstall!


Vehicle durability didn’t feel balanced with the frequency of zombie hordes, which just happen in a constant wave.

That and repairing vehicles was a pain.