State of Decay 2 - Time is your worst enemy

This is one of those “always installed” games in my house. I love most everything about the game as it is today. The heartland stories are so so, but everything else is a blast.

I played it only a little yesterday. Kosc lied, it’s the same game as before. I’m very happy.

I just played for the second day, and I must confess I kind of miss the off game time progression. Getting right back at the exact point I was when I left was a bit sad for me.
That design of the first game sucked in so many ways, I never had thought it actually gave a little more souls and life to my guys.

I fired up the campaign yesterday and played through the tutorial. The game feels really dated and there’s like no setup at all in terms of a story which was kind of surprising. No time to explain, just pick your favorite couple…or rather, what is there to explain? It’s the zombie apocalypse dude! Your girl friend got bitten? Happens all the time. Get in loser, we will drive to a base with a field hospital.

I quit right there. I guess I didn’t like the couple I chose.

Just like in any good zombie movie: you don’t care about those stupid jerks, then you get to know a couple of them and get attached to them, and that’s when THEY DIE SUDDENLY.
Who cares about the starting characters, the real good people are the ones that survive!

The entire point of the game are the stories that are created playing it. I could totally see why someone wouldn’t like it, but man the pain of losing someone in that game is real. :)

It’s not really that type of game. It’s more of a sim, a zombie apocalypse community survival sim. There’s nothing else quite like it!

I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily that dated, but the series has always had a certain level of jank to it for sure.

Maybe number 3 will be bigger budget!

I hope it won’t, because it has been so immersive despite the jank in those two games, I don’t need more anxiety or terror :O

The new one is perfectly fine to me the way it is after all the updates that they have done. Maybe I’m missing something, but I would like to have the first few missions not always be the same. Not a huge deal, but kind of goes against the sandbox nature of the rest of it. Oh great new map I have to get kill a bunch of zombies again to get the blood cure…

Yeah, there’s always that baked-in tutorial at the start every time that I wish could be disabled. Then it’s weird how you can just never do that initial neighbour mission if you want to disable the missions!

No way to sleep through the night despite there being beds around the base? It became night very quickly and seems to last much longer than daylight. Ouch. I’d rather not go exploring for the first time, at night.

this is why i liked the controversial always moving clock better.

But nighttime is ideal for some cardio training around your base!

You can also use the headlights of your parked car when exploring at night.

This bugged me too. I played this game for awhile but I felt like I was running errands more than I was killing the Zeds.

So I played for a bit. Scavenged the surrounding adjacent areas. Built a workshop and a garden. Established an outpost, the one the tutorial suggested so I get ammo, although food and meds seem way more important. Also I guess people get tired and you need to switch between them. My main guys stamina cap was getting really low.

Right now there is a infestation + a host blood plague properties just south of the base. Should I take care of these? I guess I am still in tutorial land as I have a permanent tooltip in the center of the screen that won’t go away saying to contact survivors using the radio.

From memory, the tutorial ‘friendly neighbour’ mission has you deal with your first plague heart, so best get up to that before tackling it. It might even be connected to that radio mission you have sitting there.

so, I wouldn’t worry about infestations until you get several on the map, and everyone’s mood is like -8 or above. Then you can go and clean them up. P.S. molotovs and firecrackers are geat for this =)

For plague hearts, I would definitely wait until you can equip two survivors with decent guns, and explosives if possible. Then you can take out the first one.

Shh, don’t spoil the fun of the first expeditionning fiasco!

Well I completed the “tutorial” and moved base to the Fortified Truckstop, but now I had to rebuild everything although I don’t have a workshop anymore, but an autoshop…and I don’t have enough beds for everyone so morale is down. I used two build slots just for beds. BEDS!

The game basically tells you are free to explore and do random missions / companion missions, but if you wanna progress the “story” kill them plague hearts. So if I just beeline for all the plague hearts…game done then?

The plague hearts increase in strength and ferocity as you destroy them. Destroying the first one is pretty easy, by the time you get to the 8th or 9th then they are a much sterner test…