State of Decay 3 - Time enough to mourn

Light the @tomchick signal!

Please don’t eat this saté of decay.

We must never fix the thread title. :slight_smile:

Will we ever be sated of decay? Not anytime soon, I’m thinking. Anyway, I should probably try out SoD 2 huh? Pretty good I hear? I liked the first one anyway.

Hahaha! You guys are the best.

I really liked the second game, but I also really missed the real time contrivance and the narrative it generated while I wasn’t looking, which gave it a gutsy feel, to me, that is absent of standard open world games -a genre I don’t enjoy I must say. But most people don’t miss that, it seems.
And it’s got so many seemingly massive updates over the years i wonder if it’s not a totally different game again by now.

I’m not sure about this one, watching the trailer didn’t get me enough info to know what the difference will be with SoD2.

Finally, a new game. I was so tired of “new” state of decay games coming out, only to find out it was just some kind of remaster or special edition of SoD2.

I hope they innovate on game systems and that is not just SoD2, but “more”.

Oh it is a totally different game now. I feel like SoD2 has been the sandbox for SoD3 development. They’ve tried so many different ideas and expanded on the original concept. If you haven’t played 2 in a few years, give it a go. There is a lot to love about it in its current state.

Totally in for this one, I LOVED SoD and SoD2! I like the upgraded vehicle look in the trailer, and of course the omnipresent door smash which is my favorite part of driving in SoD games.

If it’s years later though, why are they all looking at that juggernaut like they’ve never seen one before?