State of Decay finally leaves Trumbull Valley

Title State of Decay finally leaves Trumbull Valley
Author Tom Chick
Posted in News
When May 27, 2014

At the end of State of Decay, you blow up a wall and escape from Trumbull Valley. Except in a zombie apocalypse, there's really nowhere to escape to. So it's back to Trumbull Valley..

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Me and my stepdaughter are eagerly awaiting this one! We have played Breakdown so much that this will be a breath of fresh air. We're both wondering how this will play out when you have EVERYTHING at your disposal. Excited!!!!

Apropos of nothing, I just happened to notice that I've got 22 State Of Decay Steam Achievements versus your 17. Just saying.

Yeah, but when you total in my Xbox Live achievements -- that was, after all, the primary platform! -- I've probably got, like, a hundred State of Decay achievements. At least. Maybe twice that, but I'm lowballing my guess since I don't want to make you feel bad.