State of Decay's next DLC will feature a rare perspective on soldiers vs zombies

Title State of Decay's next DLC will feature a rare perspective on soldiers vs zombies
Author Tom Chick
Posted in News
When February 28, 2014

One of my favorite things about 28 Weeks Later (pictured) is how it turns on its head the conventional zombie movie wisdom that the military are the bad guys, ineffectual at best, and most likely downright sinister..

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You mean the (28 Weeks Later) military's plan for a loose zombie being to take all civilians out of their secure locked rooms, move them around, and crowd them all into a parking garage where a single zombie breaks in through a flimsy, unguarded back door and infects everyone in one go?

What doomed the world is the zombie dad being a magical boogey man who could teleport anywhere the plot needed him :(

The first infection happened inside the perimeter and had nothing to do with a flimsy door. The infection got into the perimeter and was spread because Robert Carlyle's character used his access to break the rules so he could see his wife. The infection was then contained. Except that Harold Perrinaeu's character also broke the rules because, presumably, he was a father who felt sympathetic to the children. The military didn't fail. Code Red worked. Instead, it was undermined by human compassion.

BTW, I love arguing about this! I should warn you I can do this for days! :)

I'm surprised there's room for "days" worth of discussion on that point. I thought the movie was rather obvious about its moral.

Hell! Even the beginning of the movie features a safe house that lets someone in and that causes a zombie hoard to descend upon everyone and murder them all.

Right, but I do think one of the subtler subversions in 28 Weeks Later is that the military is competent, effective, and compassionate. Contrast this with the military in almost any other zombie movie. In 28 Days Later, they're basically uncouth louts and rapers!