State of Play: the Movie

Trailer is up

I just finished watching the mini-series an hour ago, and I have to say I’m a little underwhelmed by the trailer.

that just looks really generic

The Master > Russel Crowe

Russel Crowe’s hair is a close second to Tom Hanks’ hair in Da Vinci Code in terms of making me wonder, as I watch the trailer, “So you’re really going to go with that look?”


P.S. Also, as much as I adore Helen Mirren, you simply cannot plug her into a gap occupied by Bill Nighy and expect anything other than disappointment.

I think Russel’s hair would be pretty good “Playing a CCG” hair.

The trailer looks pretty by the numbers.

I loved this movie, right up until the final plot twist, which was a twist too far. It still works, but it just took the steam out of the movie.

Saw this last night, never saw the miniseries, thought it was good. I might agree that the last twist just was one twist too far because it made all the events, in hindsight, seem a little less logical. But solid performances and direction, interesting about new media battling old-school journalism, and a fun conspiracy that wasn’t too far fetched.

I really quite enjoyed this. The dialogue was very well written, and didn’t feel out of place. I actually cared about the characters, which is more than I can say about 90% of the mystery / thrillers that have been kicked out of Hollywood in the past few years…

Saw this last night but rolled my eyes over the whole “hold the presses” thing.

I wanted them to miss the deadline, then the blogger just says, “This is the internet. When we have the story, we publish,” and then publish it.

It really is a throwback, both to old ways of looking at reporting and Bush-era “creeping totalitarianism” feeling of government.