Steam 2011/2012 Holiday Sale Thread

I don’t think there will be much for me in the sale this year. My wishlist is full of upcoming games or stuff that I kinda sorta want, but unless it’s less than $10, I can wait.

Talisker made me want SR3, but I’m so busy playing Skyrim and Dark Souls that I probably won’t buy it unless it’s hellacheap. By the time I’m ready to put a lot of time into it it will probably cost less anyway.

Anno 2070 has a stupid name, so I probably won’t buy that.

You know you are a gaming junkie when you aren’t really excited for the steam sale because you already own half of their catalog.

I think I’ve picked up almost everything I wanted over the past year of sales. I might actually be able to sit this one out!

Yep. Thanksgiving sale was good to me, and the early various deals on umh, what was that one, greenman gaming? helped to drop 60 dollar releases into ~35 territory, which is good enough for the likes of Deus Ex or Saints Row that I know I’ll be playing for a LONG time.

So yeah. Anno, maybe. Um. Some more Train Sim DLCs? Heh. Seriously, my wishlist is starting to look a little desperate.

I played the Rochard Demo and it was pretty fun so I guess I’m hoping that will go on sale.

You know you are a gaming junkie when you are really excited for the steam sale despite already owning half of their catalog.

You know you’re a gaming junkie when you already own half the catalog in another format, and want to purchase everything again just because it’s on Steam.

Good lord, this is exactly what I’m hoping for as well. Like, down to the pricing and errthang.

Pretty much I just want Skyrim for cheapish.

Are they already marking stuff down? I see all most Complete Packs were just slashed by 80% or more. Individual games are also getting marked (Just Cause 2 for $5, Rift for $7.49, etc.). Now I’m wondering what I have left on my wishlist thanks to previous sales…

This could be my biggest Steam sale in years. I think it’s because my wishlist is full of games that were on sale recently at great prices, but I decided to wait for the winter sale. I don’t expect any additional savings. It’s just easier to take care of it when I’m in the mood.

Yup, I’m in the “hoping for a Skyrim sale” camp. That’s pretty much it.

Looks like sale prices are already starting to show up. Rage for $20, for example.

Still about $19 too much…

I heard Rage was actually pretty good from various places, and it looks like it would be worth $20 to pick up. I only have $39 budgeted for the sale though, I’d hate to drop over half of my savings onto a single game I may not get around to…

What is this “budget for the sale” you speak of? Sounds like a smart idea!

They always roll out the publisher packs before the 1pm daily deals start. I think they start the general markdowns a few minutes early too.

I want Anno 2070.

And Distant Worlds plus the expansions.

Id Pack, including Rage, 80% off