Steam 2011/2012 Holiday Sale Thread

I keep seeing this, but then it vanishes…

Yeah, I’m seeing $20.09 for just Rage.

Lot of stuff on sale on my wishlist. Though 33% off of DX:HR and 25% off of Space Marine are both prices that just have me thinking that they’re going to be cheaper during a daily sale some time this week.

Edit: Or not, as discounts on both games have disappeared.

Some stand-alone (non packaged) games are already reduced

-> Alter Ego (-75%) -> Just randomly checked the store page as I might consider buying it.

Main page still not changed though (but the store is getting slower already).

The Dead Island Four Pack is showing up at $20.38 for me right now. I threw it in my cart but it popped back up to $82 when I went to check out.

And now the official deals are up.

Man, I forgot id Software made Commander Keen. I only remembered Apogee being involved.

I saw the page. And then it went away. Singularity for $7.50 was one thing I noticed.

I managed to get that into my cart, but the process of logging in stripped it out. Looks like since it was yesterday’s deal @50% off, they went through and applied the 33% off that it now is on top of the 50% off very briefly, and that’s what we were seeing. The previous 50% off has been stripped and it’s now left at 33% off.

It’s amusing… huge digital distribution storefront, and apparently they don’t have tools that allow them to just outright sub in one list of discounts for another. :P

You’ve gotta be faster. One of my friends got it at 83% off

Welp, nothin’ I want up there today!

Sam & Max 75% off
Singularity $7.49
Pendulo Studios Adventure Pack $12.49
Metro 2033 (says $19.99, so it’s wrong)
Fable III $12.49
Just Cause 2 $4.99
Max Payne Stuff 75% off
Amnesia $4.99
Orcs Must Die $3.74
Bunch of Heroes $2.49
Rift $7.49
Portal Stuff 75% off

There’s also some Great Gift Pile link promising freebies, but it’s not working for me right now.

For gods sake people don’t forget the golden rule of steam sales!

Wait for the daily deals and if your game hasn’t been on one by the end, buy it on the last day!

I’m region locked from the Fables offer. Can anyone tell me what is included in the Fables Offer?

I’m pretty sure the glitch was a preview of the Daily Deal price. It will be around $10 before the end of this sale.

I’ve been waiting for Just Cause 2 to drop to $5!

Ha ha, Steam jokes.

Seriously though every time I see it on sale, I debate whether to buy it. I played the demo and wasn’t interested in the slightest, but perhaps it’d be nice to treat it as an exploration game. Fly or drive around for a few hours and then quit. I’d also like to pick up FUEL for the same reason even though I don’t play arcade racers.

Geneforge Saga is currently $9.99 (50% off). It doesn’t appear to be part of today’s daily deals (the 19th) so it could theoretically go lower but since it’s a fairly new release to Steam I suspect it won’t.

In the holiday sale objective thing, you get a 50% off coupon for one Valve title.

Heres a website that seems to help finding people.

I have not received any gift yet, so I supposed you guys had problem finding me. I am Tei.

Their site is dying at the moment, details aren’t showing up yet, for me anyway.

The demo is a very, very good representation of the bigger game. If it didn’t grab you, neither will anything else in the game.

Using myself as an example, I probably put 30 hours into the demo alone before even buying the dumb thing.