Steam 2022 Winter Sale

I wonder if those games paid Steam to be in that ad for the Steam sale? They must have, right?

Games can’t pay people, silly, they don’t pockets or even thumbs!

Whoa, a trailer for a Steam sale? Is that a first?

Exactly what I was wondering.

Looking at their account, and going by the oldest videos, it looks like their account was all Steam Tabletop Fest when it started, and then they did promotional videos for Steam Game Festival in February of 2021, and then Steam Next Fest a year ago, and then two other Next Fests.

And then a trailer for the Steam Summer sale 5 months ago seems to have been the first steam sale trailer. (And then one for Steam Autumn sale, and now Steam Winter Sale). So it’s the third one ever!

Well thanks for looking that up!

Nah. They’ve had them before…

I’m ready to be underwhelmed! The Steam sale used to be something you waited all year for, now you’re far better off just buying a game any time of the year when it gets a decent sale.



it was back when the daily deal was something you’d check daily because it was the only sale on any given day. I won’t complain it changed !

Besides, for those of us too lazy to have real friends anymore, it makes it cheaper to be generous! Err, wait, that doesn’t sound right…

I’m sure there’s no connection here…


I actually found some things I wanted to pick up this time around. I don’t usually have much luck during sales because they all look like this:

God Forbid I ever get this account locked somehow. Anyways I did end up finding some stuff. I tried to keep it under a hundred bucks and I was successful!

Disco Elysium is going for $9.99, about as low as I’ve ever seen it. Might be time to give that one a try.

For an extra $8, we could be earning Xbox achievements while playing it!

Already picked up Potionomics, even though it’s a very modest discount. Have been meaning to buy it for a while. May jump on some ATS DLC when I get back home. Other than that not super tempted by anything yet. Cold Waters is cheap, but when I last looked at the QT3 thread for it seemed people were pretty down on it.

The trouble with that (and a number of other similar games I’m interested in) is that price was never the obstacle to begin with, the block of time needed to enjoy them was. When is there going to be a sale on free time?

I added a bunch of games to my cart from

the Buried Treasure top 10 games of the year. Boy, it adds up fast.

I hear nothing but good things about Ctrl Alt Ego. Now to look at Buried Treasure’s list!

I’m on the fence about two games - Gotham Knights (50% off) and the PS game Spiderman (for PC, of course). Loved the Arkham games, but GK seems to have mixed revies (but could be worth 50% off). Spiderman, again, looks great for a super hero game, but I bounced off the Marvel Avengers game (not hard - I didn’t hate it, just didn’t hook me) - and yes, I know it’s a different studio and all that. It’s 25% off.

I’m guessing most would say to jump on those, but thought I’d ask just in case.