Steam adds atari

Just saw that Atari was just added to steam. However its not much of their catalog. No Witcher, no NWN2, and No Test Drive. Just an odd selection from their back catalog.

Yar’s Revenge I hope!!

Actually yes, that is there in the 80 classics package.

And it’s not even this deal, which is now a year and a half late.

oh yeah, I forgot about that.

Oh wait, maybe it is that deal finally coming through. The 80-in-one pack was the only thing up when I looked, but the latest news post is now up and a lot more of the recent stuff is on it, including (not right now, but soon) The Witcher and NWN2.

Ugh. Just a little too late. I would have jumped at the chance to get the NWN2 expansion on Steam instead of a retail box. When I moved from Seattle to Kansas City, I misplaced the manual for the original NWN2 in the move, so I even had to resort to putting in a made-up Serial Key in order to install the original (so that I could then install the expansion). I wonder if that somehow showed up on some Atari stat somewhere as a pirated copy? I wonder how many people lose their stupid CD Keys from legit copies? It’s the first time I’ve lost mine, since I tend to hang on to manuals and keep them all in one place, just in case I ever need to install a game again. But after getting used to the ease of Steam, I’m so tired of these worthless manuals. I wish I could throw them all away.

Nothing for Europeans. Great! It’s not like we have money to spend, or anything. I was reaching for my credit card to buy ArmA when I realised that the Atari catalogue link on the Steam homepage was dead for European accounts.

One thing that’s cool about registering your game with Bioware is that they keep a copy of your CD key for you. Wish more companies did this.

Yay for old games?

This does add ArmA to the steam service.

Which is nice, since Steam aggressively works with its publishers to reduce the price of games regularly and/or put up specials, unlike the other digital distro services which are still charging $30 for ArmA Standard…and Leisure Suit Larry.

But who gives a crap because I am addicted to TF2 anyway

The Witcher and NWN will be available soon.

Hmm, yeah, I’ll pass on paying $19 more for Act of War than I did the first time around.

Any word on whether games bought through Atari’s digital distro service will be downloadable through Steam after this? It’s rare for that to happen but SOOOOO nice when it does.

Will the megapatch/rerelease of the Witcher be available, too?

Because that would be pretty hot.

I’m surprised the original Act of War is $20. For $10, I’d be in.

All the god damned time.