Steam Adds Remote Downloads To Beta Client

Oh, thank God! I can finally download and install while I’m at work so the game is waiting for me when I get home!

Remote Downloads are enabled from any web browser when you leave the Steam application running on your PC or Mac. Of course, we only recommend you do this on your own private, secured computer.
When you’re logged into Steam on your home PC or Mac, you can manage your library by visiting your Games list on the web.
[ol]Log into your Steam account online from your computer or mobile device at
Visit your Games list by navigating to the Community and then clicking GAMES in the secondary navigation bar. If you’re logged into the Steam client, the games list will reflect the installation state of your library on that machine.
[li]Locate your game and tap the install button to initiate your remote download.[/ol]
You may choose to refresh this page to check the current status of your installation. When you return to your active client session, your game will be ready to play!

Really nice idea. GJ Valve.

Excellent. I may actually get to more of my backlog now since I won’t have to waste precious game time waiting for downloads to complete. Thank you Valve!

What a simple, lovely idea. Awesome. :-)

I’d think you would have to make sure you disable UAC, but it generally sounds like a great idea.

I do this via remote desktop all the time, but a welcome addition.

Cool. I’m already able to do this using VNC, but it’s still a nice feature to have :)

I don’t think so. The Steam service usually handles the admin elevation automatically.