Steam Autumn/Holiday Sale 2015


Probably too late with this advice, but you may want to hold off on Red Faction Guerilla if you don’t intend on playing it right away. RFG shows up routinely in bundles. It’s a staple of any bundle featuring Nordic titles or THQ games. I’ve seen it in at least three bundles in the past year, including a recent one (Get Loaded) on BundleStars. It’s also a frequent item in the Steam Weeklong Deals, having been as low as $1.99 (90%) in the recent past. That said, it’s only $3.99 and it’s a great game, so if you want to play it sooner rather than waiting around for a bundle/steeper discount, go for it, you won’t be disappointed.

$17.99 is a fantastic price for Pillars of Eternity. It’s dozens of hours of old-school Baldur’s Gate style RPG goodness, so if that sounds appealing to you, now is a good time to buy. I’m kind of sad there wasn’t any sale discount for the White March expansion. I wasn’t expecting something huge, but 20% would have triggered my insta-buy impulse.

For those folks who say this sale is disappointing : Why? I see thousands of titles on sale from 33%-75% off, with some on even steeper discounts. The Witcher 3 is 50% off, that’s fantastic for a AAA title released in May of this year! Might and Magic Heroes VII is 50% off and it was released 3 months ago. Tons of indie titles are 75% off or more, nearly all the older popular titles are 66%-75% off. Grab DLC for your existing games for a song (66% off Endless Legends DLC for example). It’s still a sale, there are still deals everywhere…

That’s not to say there isn’t anything to be disappointed about. The daily deals and the flash sales were more than just an extra discount on some of the most popular or most interesting titles throughout the sale, they were a way to keep consumers coming back multiple times per day throughout the sale. When that happens you feel far more invested in the sale, connected to what’s happening. There is an excitement in seeing the 50% discount on the title you wanted turn into a 75% discount for 24 hours. There is excitement in seeing a title you own go on Flash or Daily and swooping in to grab up DLC at a steep discount. There is excitement in discovering something new and awesome because it was featured in a daily or flash sale. Steam has tried to recapture this magic by using the Discovery Queue to dole out Holiday Sale trading cards each day, but it’s a far lesser effect than the daily and flash sales.

It’s not so much the sale prices that are disappointing (unless you were expecting Witcher 3 for 75% off), it’s the sale format. There is less excitement generated by this format, and less excitement means less sales. I’ll probably buy 2 or 3 things I was waiting for a decent discount on, but I won’t be grabbing anything because it suddenly dropped to a magic price point thanks to a daily/flash, and I don’t know if I’m going to bother clicking through the Discovery Queue 3 times a day so chances are I won’t be buying anything I didn’t know about before the sale. Lost sales = less revenue…so we’ll see if the deals come back for the Summer Sale next year.


I wish I could set up simple algorithms (perhaps based on user tags) to prevent whole categories of games showing up in my discovery queue.

For example:

[li]No games with big-eyed scantily-clad anime characters[/li][li]No visual novels[/li][li]No JRPGs[/li][li]No sports management sims[/li][li]No dating sims (especially with pigeons)[/li][li]No retro pixel-aesthetic 2D platformers[/li][li]No MMO survival crafting games with zombies, dinosaurs, honey badgers, nude cavemen, etc.[/li][li]No MOBAs[/li][/ul]



Amen. While I like the discovery queue as a concept I would love it (and actually use it) if it learned or gave me some options. It amazes me that my queues are at least half F2P games (which I have no interest in finding out about through Steam since the good ones get brought up elsewhere) even after saying I’m not interested to every single one that pops up.


I forgot that my Facetious ability takes a -5 modifier when not Well Rested. Sorry I made baby jesus cry.


X-Wing Alliance on Steam or GOG?
(Tie Fighter too)


I am a bit OCD. I have nothing left to view in my discovery queue.

Steam numbers

LOL fair enough. No worries! :)


There are some oddities regarding “All games being on sale at once”. For example, if you watch the total number of games on sale it generally creeps up, and some games (Like the Might and Magic games) are showing a shorter timer than others for the holiday sale.


I agree here. Things will hit 75% off eventually- it just might take longer. I can wait, especially since I will still buy a few new games/year at full price. I just impulse buy less now.


It does annoy me that they don’t do something intelligent with bundle pricing. I was vaguely considering Watch_Dogs. The components of the bundle are all 50% off and it says at the bottom of the bundle page “Price of individual products: $43.45 Bundle cost: $49.99”


It does try to learn. Have you played anything like them recently?

There were a bunch of horror titles in mine. My most played game in the last month was Resident Evil Revelations 2.

If anyone is interested in that the first episode is on sale for a dollar. It’s also free on some consoles. EP1 has around 10 hours of fun if you enjoy raid mode.


I just went through my discovery queue and didn’t find a single title I have any interest in.


I am thinking of purchasing Hand of Fate and/or Ironcast. I have plenty to play on my back log so not in a rush. I probably am leaning more towards Ironcast at the moment. But then I hear good things about the Puzzle Quest/Magic the Gathering iOS hybrid so I cannot make up my mind.


The Origin store is having a sale, too. I picked up the GOTY editions of DA:I ($30) and Mass Effect 3 ($15). That’s a fair chunk of good rpg’ing :)

As for Steam, they should at least remove the stuff you already own from the front-page store display. It just reminds me that my backlog remains, er… I’ll go with ‘robust.’


Hm, that’s good to know and I suspect all my hours in FFXIV are driving it. I suppose what I was looking for though was a system that learned based on your input on queue items offered – I’ve got one MMO that I’m heavily invested in and it isn’t F2P; there’s no way I could have time for another one and especially if it’s low quality (as most F2P tends to be).

Really this is mostly an issue with me hating how much F2P content is on Steam now and having it constantly thrown in my face.

Edit: Speaking of Origin, the entire Titanfall experience is currently on Amazon for 5 bucks.


My queue was surprisingly not filled with F2P/anime-art-style/survival games–well, there was one anime one, but apart from that one and “Aviary Attorney” they were all at least something I’d think about (including ED Horizons, which for some reason Steam still labels as “Early Access”).


I’m considering getting the GOTY edition of DA:I myself. I have the base game, but buying the GOTY edition is cheaper than buying all the DLC I’m missing. Also, I got my base version of DA:I for free in a Gamersgate giveaway, so I suppose I wouldn’t be technically buying it twice anyway. :)


Watch_dogs deluxe edition is $10 on kinguin. Best deals aren’t usually on steam, these days.


I am probably going to do the same thing. It pisses me off that they rip you off like that for all of the DLC, but i still want to have it when i play through the game so maybe i’ll break down.


Does anyone have an opinion about The Fall?