Steam Autumn/Holiday Sale 2015

I narrowed my list down to Hand of Fate ($10) and WazHack ($5) and I’d be really happy if that’s all I picked up. I still have some other stuff (CoE4, Heroes VII just got another big update (including new content), Fallout 4 second play through is going well, and I got back into AoW3 recently in a big way) so it’s not like I’m hurting for games to play!

I already have both. And I agree Estelle is worth a 100 Neps. ;)

Added Mad Max, Dying Light and KOTOR 2 to my Shopping Cart, then picked Paypal as payment option and I got sent to a region-IP payment page that did not reflect the language choice I have made in the Steam client, and the PayPal “Page” that is opened within the Steam UI did not have an option to pick which language the page would be written in.

So I had to cancel the purchase.
Wonder what and when Steam will respond to my ticket.

Oh no. I’ll end buying more tables that I won’t play.

Sigh. It’s my fate. :)

Or, conversely, tables that I can play once to set an easily beatable ‘high’ score for you to aim for.

Unlike Empire which I’ve played a lot and still can’t beat you…

It is excellent (official QT3 forum verdict). Buy it.. Finish it (60 hrs+?), and then buy its sequel.

I’ll be restarting this game shortly…likely from the beginning, since it’s been more than a year since my last save.

Spotted 2 more not-on-sales from my wishlist: Undertale, and Wasteland 2.

I have The Legend of the Heroes FC on GoG. Is there game save carry over between FC and SC?

After checking my wishlist, here’s what I’m planning to buy:

[li]Lords of the Fallen[/li][LIST]
[li][]Monk Decipher (DLC)[/li][li][]Ancient Labyrinth (DLC)[/li][/ul]
[li]Endless Legend - Shadows (DLC)[/li][li]Wazhack[/li][li]Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell[/li][li]Infested Planet - Trickster’s Arsenal (DLC)[/li][li]Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30[/li][/LIST]

All for a very affordable R$ 70,50 (or about US$ 19 at the current exchange rate). I guess I’ll leave Transformers: Devastation, Mad Max and other stuff for some other time.

Any comments?

Edit: I’ll probably add a couple Pinball FX 2 tables to that - probably Star Wars Rebels and the Iron and Steel pack (for the Castlestorm table).

Yes, there is.

Thx, KaoFloppy & rhamorim - purchased! :)

Glad to hear that! LoH:TitS is the kind of game I wish everyone would play.

You did that on purpose.

Skimming my wishlist, a little over half the top 50 aren’t discounted. Probably for the best.

I’d avoid Thief.

Of course I did. That’s the correct acronym, is it not? ;)

Tempted to dive into Crusader Kings II…

I think everyone should play Thief and finish it, just to see how horrible the level transitions and ending is. :)

Just be aware that the tutorial is broken, no one will fix it, and you’ll have to check some “Let’s Play” videos to learn how to play properly.

Other than that, go for it!

Steam customer support is the absolute worst, IME. Half the time I couldn’t tell if my ticket was being handled by a human or a bot. Either way, both lacked reading comprehension skills.

SC is my personal game of the year, and the original is a great setup to it. It’s a lot deeper storywise than your average JRPG. I just hope we get the 3rd in a few years- that one from what I’ve been told is the fun one for fights. (the combat system is enjoyable in the first two, it’s just a little bit easy on normal)