Steam Autumn Sale 2011

Steam just kicked this off. First impressions: wow, Orcs Must Die for $3.74! (DLC on sale too!)

Looks like 12 daily deals per day for the next five days (today included). Plus sale-length deals. I’ll do some digging.

I just mentioned in the bargain thread, but some of the deal pricing hasn’t shown up yet. The sale page is there, but the price is the same as normal for many games.

I’m sure it’s just the servers getting hit hard.

Renegade ops. Tom was gushing about it. 6 euros. Hmmmmmmmmm.

I did not want to buy anything else this year, because Skyrim, and then Valve has to go and do this. Bastards.

Renegade Ops is 7.49 but I think the 4 pack is even cheaper but it isn’t updated yet. Orcs Must Die for sure though.

$6.79 for Duke Nukem Forever.

Oh God. I may actually crack on that one.

Ok the 4 pack for Renegade ops is 14 bucks so even cheaper.

Keep in mind this sale works like all the others: there are some discounted games that may show up on a daily deal. Wait until the end of the sale to see if the game gets a greater discount.

I think I’ll wait until Christmas for anything above $5. So ridiculously busy with Skyrim, Batman, and BF3.

I’ll pick up Duke Nukem Forever when they pay ME to play it. Not before.

Orcs Must Die sounds like a steal at under $4, but I either own or am not interested in anything else today. I’ll be eager to check it out tomorrow!

Orcs Must Die (with all DLC) is the only damage for me today. Bring on the next set.

TDU2 for $4.99 is pretty good as long as you play it as a casual cruising open-world game with unbelieveably douchey cinematic breaks.

How is Men of War: Vietnam? $8.74 is a pretty compelling price, but if it’s one of those “they b0rked the sequel” things, I’ll skip. Already got Orcs Must Die in the cart.

I’m in for a 4 pack, $3.75 each? Anyone else?

I’m in.

I may have to pick up some of the Oddworld classics for $0.62 apiece or maybe the bundle.

Sure, I’ll bite for that price.

Separately, the Oddboxx is also $3.75. Anyone know if the terrible PC port issues from when it launched got cleaned up with patches?

Here’s a few cool deals after a quick search:
New Vegas is $9.99, DLC is $4.99 each
Gemini Rue for $5.00
Terraria for $5.00
Dead Space 2 for $10 (most EA games seem to be 50% off, so some good deals there)
The Binding of Isaac for $2.50

Red Orchestra 2 is on sale for $27 now, but I’d recommend that anyone interested hold off to see if it goes cheaper.

I’ve got another friend in so that’s all four with Marcus and Boojum. I can buy it, you guys want to paypal me the $3.75? If that works, I’ll PM you my paypal email and then the key.

Also in for a renegade ops 4 pack if there is still a slot left.

Steam rolls 2 dice and hits me for 6 games.