Steam - Average Download Speed?

So lately, since before the holidays, Steam seems to be really slow for me when downloading games and content. The best I seem to manage with them anymore is around 500Kbps, which means a multi-gigabyte game download is taking several hours to complete.

I’ve tested my internet connection using several different speed test services on the web and I’m averaging download speeds of 2.5Mbps to West Coast locations and 4.5+Mbps to East Coast locations. I have Steam Donwload configured to use the closest server to me (Columbus) and the widest bandwidth (Cable/Fiber). I’ve tried donwloading at different times during the day, morning, afternoon and late night, and still it’s at 500Kbps. I’m thinking the 500Kbps throttle is coming from Steam’s end, that it’s simply the fastest connection they are willing to give me. Frankly, that sucks.

Is this pretty much normal? What kind of connection speeds do you all see from Steam regularly? I could swear I was getting much faster downloads several months ago. It’s frustrating because it makes installing the games I’ve purchased a real hassle. I suppose I could simply kick off an install before bed, but I don’t like to leave my computer on overnight if I don’t have to. Looks like that may be the only solution though.

steam pretty consistently maxes out my connection (1.6mb/s) except on big sale days. then it’s a trip to nepal. don’t know what to tell you.

I’ve gotten 1.2 or 1.3 in the last week, which pegs my connection.

I’ve consistently gotten around 700Kbps, which is the limit of my internet speed, and haven’t noticed any decrease in the new year.

Try using different Steam servers to download from. Columbus is closest but might not be the fastest. Try Detroit or Chicago and see if that makes a difference.

That’s a good idea (which I should have thought of earlier). I will try a different server on the East Coast where I seem to get 4Mbps and greater regularly when I run connection speed tests.

Around 250 k/s - 440 k/s.
My connection speed is near 700 k/s :(

I get 1.5-2.0mb/s, I just downloaded Mass Effect 2 and saw 2.4mb/s, close to my max (maybe because it was over 10GB steam gives it more bandwith?). But don’t always think it’s Steam. ISP’s are known to limit download speeds from certain sources. Here’s the tool mentioned in the article (note, I haven’t used it myself).


Have you checked your download source? Every so often, Steam gets slow for me, but then I check my Steam options and it is downloading from some far distant US location. I then flip it back to something local, restart and everything gets better.

I have seen 2.5 M/s at home and some ridiculous numbers at work.

Just downloaded a game, 1.4MByte peak rate on a 10Mbit connection so is maxing out the connection which is pretty good.

1,5-2,5MByte her too, but I think it may be depending on which game you get.


2.5Mbps = 312.5 KB/s
4.5 Mbps = 562.5 KB/s

You don’t actually have a problem.

Sure he does, 312.5KB/s is a lot faster than the 500Kb/s he says he’s getting.

I thought when I looked at the speed Steam was telling me (500Kbps) it was small “b” not big “B”, but I could be wrong. If it is big “B” then you’re right, since you’d take 4.5 million and divide by 8 (for the bits) to get bytes per second.

Now I’m doubting myself…
I will check when I get home this evening and post results. If it is bits, not bytes, I’ll try switching Steam servers and post results of that as well.

Heh heh, the irony… as i started to download the Shogun 2 demo in Steam, it ocurred to me to look the speed right now, it would be relevant to the thread. And surprise! it paused itself, all alone.
Oh Steam, how i hate you sometimes…

1.4 MB/s

but I have configured to use the Ukrania content servers (I live in spain).

He’s saying it wrong then. Anything on the internet that has a small b is basically forgetting to make it a big B.

Besides, Steam shows download speed as KB/S

At “500KB/S” he’s nearly maxing out his download.

And all you guys can kiss my ass, since my VerizonDSL is capped at 190KB/s

Steam also maxes out my connection and then some. I don’t know which server I connect to but I almost always get 7.0mb - 9.0mb a sec. I think on big sale days it might dip down to 4.0mb but never much below that.

Steam lists as MB, not 100s of KB/S, at least in my case.

I just got River of Time a couple of nights ago. I didn’t watch it DL, but it was at 1.8 MB/s when it first started.

Then it seems Steam automatically changes from KB/s to MB/s if your download is fast enough.

250ish kb/s here. :(

3MB verizon dsl. :(