Steam Awards 2021

Half my feed is trying to get me to vote for them for “Labor of Love” and most of them it’s the only update I’ve seen this year. I mean, you look at Arcen or Trese Brothers and the support most others are putting out just looks trifling in comparison.

Looking at the auto suggestions really show how few games I bought from Steam this year with me going all in on Gamepass.

If I limit my games to games I own on Steam here’s what I end up with:

My noms:

Game of the Year: unpacking (spoilers for the Quarterlies!)

Labor of Love: Spiritfarer

Outstanding Visual Style: Behind the Frame

Most Innovative Gameplay: Cloud Gardens

Best Game You Suck At: SOLAS 128

Outstanding Story-Rich Game: Life is Strange: True Colors

Sit Back and Relax: Fossil Corner (almost went to Townscaper)

ohyou.jpg :)
I am looking forward to playing it.

Mine are:

Game of the Year: Cyberpunk 2077 (I did finish it in january…)
VR Game of the Year: Tetris Effect Connected
Labor of Love: Guardians of the Galaxy
Outstanding Visual Style: The Ascent
Best Game You Suck At: 12 Minutes (had to check walkthrough once)
Outstanding Story-Rich Game: Forgotten City
Sit Back and Relax: The Artful Escape

Huh, I actually finished all these.

There were only three categories I felt strongly about:

  • GOTY was Cyberpunk 2077. It’s flawed, but I loved it
  • Innovative Gameplay is was Wildermyth, a remarkable game unlike anything I have ever played
  • Labor of Love has to be No Man’s Sky. I think it’s literally true in this case.

On further contemplation, I’m moving Riftbreaker to the GoTY spot. It’s just really, really great IMO. The more time I’m able to put into it, the more I’m seeing its depths and enjoying it. Wildermyth is pretty awesome too, but it’s a perfect fit for the Visual Style category, so I’m moving it there.

I still don’t have a good answer for soundtrack.

NieR: Replicant is a pretty solid choice for soundtrack. I hear Death’s Door is also absolutely awesome in that regard.

Yeah, but especially in that category I’d have to actually sit down and listen to the soundtrack and I suspect it’d have less impact divorced from the game anyway. It’s more trouble than its worth when history says nothing I nominate will even make the final ballot, let alone win. :)

Hey, I worked on it for a couple years on and off, but many people left more and deeper fingerprints on it than I did, especially on the story. I take credit for a certain foosball minigame and that’s about it. But my friends deserve whatever plaudits I can send them. (I also considered Last Stop. I forgot about Forgotten City… ironically.)

My picks. I might revise them later. ;)

I would have selected Old World for most innovative; it certainly had a lot of traffic on QT3 (I couldn’t keep up with all the Posts). I tend to be be a year behind always waiting for a sale so I think my choices are limited to a small number each year.

For Game sf the Year I went for Valheim. I actually rented a server to play with my son and I think it had the greatest Fun Factor especially because it came out of nowhere for me.

Valheim is still in early access right? I’ve heard good things, but I want to wait until it’s finished.

Yes it is still EA. I stopped playing and do not expect to go back to it. Even though I loved my time with the game I do think it gets old. Basically have to craft to beat certain enemies and than craft again.

It is fun when playing with others and if you want to build a lot graduating from wood to stone buildings there is a lot you can do. I played it with only two and imagine if there was a team of 4 - 6 could do a lot as a team.