Steam Down?

“Steam is temporarily unavailable, please try again later”. This has been going on for at least 7 hours now. The whole Steam client refuses to start at all, so it’s impossible to play anything in off-line mode either.

I need my TF2 fix!

I’d love to be home and annoyed that steam is down just now.


It’s 16:52 here. :)

Anyway, it seemed to be just another ClientRegistryBlob problem. I can’t figure out how they can’t get that thing fixed. The #1 solution for all Steam problems since the system release seems to be “delete your ClientRegistryBlob”.

They use blobs in computers now?

Binary Large OBject (attached to right arm)

It’s “down” here too … where’s that Blob thingy stored?

EDIT: nvm … i should have looked first :)

In my experience deleting the blob is usually a prelude to steam not working for 2 weeks. Oh well, here we go…

Edit: OK, so it updated and restarted in 3 minutes. Almost up to Stardock central standards (other then making me manually delete the blob thing).