Steam down?

Just got back from a camping trip to find I can’t log into Steam. I can log into the web page for Steam, but not the client, and neither can my son. Is there an outage or something? If so, why isn’t there any information on the main page? If not, wtf is going on?!

It’s working fine here, and I see 15 people in-game and 36 more online at the moment. Must be you.

I don’t believe it’s just me alone, no.

Anyone else?

yeah, it’s down.

Is Steam Down?

That’s just the web page, not the service itself. See my links above Desslock’s post.

Here is what I get when I try:

Must be a regional thing, then.

If some of their servers are up and the one you are hitting is down then zapping your DNS resolver cache may help.

From a cmd prompt ipconfig /flushdns

Assuming you are using a windows PC.

I finally got logged in, but I didn’t have to flush my DNS. No idea what the deal was, but it seems to have fixed itself. Thanks everyone!

yeah, back up for me too. Was weird.

Maybe it was a broken Valve.