Steam gift pile

If anyone wants a coupon for 33% off CitiesXL 2012, PM me. I’ll gladly give this away.

Ok, thanks… I won’t have a chance to try for many until next week.

Supposedly this is a list of all possible gifts:

Also, I saw this image earlier, indicating that someone got Skyrim as a gift:

Is the Frozen Synapse achievement (win with only 1 MG alive left) bugged?

I can’t do it with cheating as in 1 mg vs 0 enemies custom, but I also did not get the achievement for actually managing this in a random AI skirmish…

Exploding globes?

I did this achievement last night. I used nothing except arrow walls, not even my staff or crossbow, and it worked.

Things that did NOT prevent me from getting it:

  • Having upgraded to Extended Arrow Walls
  • Dying
  • Getting my archers killed
  • Letting a few orcs through the portal

Also, I initially struggled to find places to put my arrow walls after the first few, but it turns out it is very much worth it, once you have covered every possible inch of terrain, to “double up” with walls on the other side. Often a single arrow trap at a time won’t be enough to finish everything off, and if you aren’t allowed to actually hit them yourself…

You can use you’re weapons. I did this last night with the arrow walls, my crossbow and I used my wind belt once.

My steam gifts still aren’t updating for some reason. Hopefully they update when yesterday’s gift pile ends.

They gave me a copy of Half-Life 2. (???)

This must be totally random because I already own it. In fact, it was my very first Steam game all those years ago when the platform launched.

So, I’ve got Test Drive Unlimited 2, a Valve 50% voucher and Sonic Generations 50% voucher.

Since last night I’m getting Error 503 Service Unavailable when I try to view my inventory. :’(

Edit: oh, working now, though I only have one gift when I should have three. Anyone want Day of Defeat Source?

I have a 33% Valve game coupon, and a %50% Shadowgrounds coupon. In other words, nothing interesting.

I got the Anomaly achievement last night, and it shows up as completed on the game’s achievement page, but not on Steam’s objective page for the 19th, and so, no prize as well. Has anyone else gotten it?

I think you actually can’t get the achievement on the first run through. you have to do level 1 any way you can, get the wall trap, then do it a second time with our without using the traps (ie you could do it with just weapons and spells a second time as long as you had been granted the walls from doing it the first go around)

For Spiral Knights:

You’ll have to play through the tutorial area, takes about 15 minutes.

Once you’re in town, there’s a big crossed swords button at the top right. Join a game of Lockdown. This costs 200 crowns per entry. You get those by killing monsters in the dungeons - doesn’t take long. If you’re a friend just give me a poke and I’ll steam trade you a bunch of crowns.

Keep playing Lockdown until you end up on the “Frostbite” map. This might take a minute, might take an hour. The games are usually slow to start for tier 1 (newbie gear), but should be fast today. You can just go AFK until you hear the sounds of crowds cheering.

Once you’re in the Frostbite arena, find a pile of snow and interact with it like you attack. Then toss it at an enemy for the cheevo.

For those that didn’t see it, they have confirmed you do NOT have to do the achievements on the day listed, you can go back and do the ones you missed. Helpful if you don’t own the game and it goes on sale down the road.

I’m still having issues getting my rewards to show, plus I got the snowblind achievement last night and still am not getting credit for it in steam, and yet I got the OMD hallway achievement this morning and I -do- have credit for that one. I got a rock. Er Coal, for it.

Is the Dreadmore achievement on today’s list easy to nab? I haven’t played the game much since buying it at Thanksgiving.

The Dredmor one is pretty easy. Just start a new char with Alchemy, find a Diggle Egg, and Grog, and use the Still to make Diggle Nog.

I made the achievement yesterday and a lump of coal just now showed up in my inventory.

So the Psychonaut achievement Holiday Dinner (Cook and consume two different kinds of roasts in one sitting), has got to be pretty hard. It’s the second least gotten achievement for the game. I’m guessing it’s related to the Meat Circus near the end of the game somehow. Last time I played Psychonauts was 3 years ago as an Xbox Original on the 360, so I don’t really remember all the details of the game too much right now.

I was about to post and ask if anyone has a lump of coal yet. But apparently I do! Does anything think thats a good idea?