Steam Halloween Sale Starts Today

My guess is that it would have something to do with it being 50% of on GMG. That’s totally based on me randomly guessing. :) Debating if I should grab it. I probably only have 60-70 hours left in RDR. Need to line up the next game.

Being that they’re both already priced appropriately if even perhaps low, this could prove a long wait for you.

Stationeers is 15% off. How’s it progressing? Any more user friendly?

@Jason_McMaster can probably answer that.

Wait at least half of this sounds amazing what the hell

edit oh wait it’s suuuuuuuper fanservicey in a kind of gross way. oh well :(

hey, a lot of that garbage dump may be garbage, but QC is good. For a dollar, two with the DLC, I’d strongly recommend it. It’s a physics puzzler from one of the lead designers of Portal; it’s not as good as Portal but what is? And it has Q doing the voice work.

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I doubt it ever will be. That is not the developers focus. This one is more like Dwarf Fortress in that the creators aims are to add even more complexity over time not make it easier to play.

I say that without judgement either way.

Escape Goat is a fun little platuzzler that you can finish in a few hours. Easily worth the 50 cents if you don’t already have it.

I see. Thanks for the answer.

The interface is a lot easier to use now. You can use your mouse to interact with the world and your tools.

You should really consider getting it if you’re into this type of stuff, it’s a really cool game. I haven’t played it for a few months (just to let it continue to develop not because I got bored with it) but I have been keeping up with the patchnotes. The speed of the development is impressive, I am looking forward to trying it again sometime in the future!

Now that I have a VR headset, I really wish they’d add a VR mode, I think it would suit the game.

I’m afraid it might be too granular for me. Especially after what Rod_humble said, above.

Might just be too much, although I do like crafting and base building games.

Rod is correct, but it’s not complexity just to make it harder to play - it’s adding real equipment and methods to the game. The interface was my biggest initial hurdle and you can certainly do most of it via the mouse now. It’s just not forgiving and there is less than 0 hand holding.

Do you recommend the game now, as is?

I do! However, I’d watch a video or two first, just to make sure ;)

Yeah Jason said it better than me. @Fenris99

OK guys. I’ll take a look. Thanks so much for the input, much appreciated.

OOOwww, they must be soooo much better than every other game ever made. How completely original, cool, and “edgy” they must be. Marketing ploy fail, in my opinion, and so much so that I will never, EVER buy ANY of their games. Congrats! ?

I am shocked to say , I bought no PC games during the sale! D:

Picked up The Red Strings Club and Jurassic World Evolution, though I doubt I’ll be playing either of them for a while.