Steam Holiday Sale 2014

HIde your wallets.

This is already a great sale!

I’m not seeing a gimmick here, am I missing something?

All that Train Simulator DLC is on sale, except for the one I wanted to buy… argh.

The gimmick is the volume.

That’s right,

5636 titles on sale across Steam

Duck Dynasty is 25% off!

hmm, some fun stuff going up for 100% off with broken store pages. :)

This sale has started with a whimper…

The Long Dark, despite being early access, is really good.

Survival game without - wait for it - zombies. Your only enemies are the cold, hunger, and wolves.

It’s like they purposefully made the whole fall sale a teaser for the winter sale. I’m fine with that.

This is not the really good end of year sale right?

This may be old news for many, but I just noticed that Steam now allows you to sell many TF2 items that were previously only tradeable. I just topped up my Steam Wallet in a few short minutes. I haven’t played in TF2 in a long time and many of my older vintage items were going for serious change!


What’s the daily sales today? Anyone know? Or are there no daily sales this time?

5 of my 24 wishlist games are not on sale. I’ve been spared!

EDIT: The daily deals are still there on top under “Featured Deals” ----> “These offers end in 1 day and 23 hours”.
[li]Company of Heroes 2 - $9.99 - 75%
[/li][li]Counterstrike GO - $7.49 - 75%
[/li][li]Don’t Starve - $3.74 - 75%
[/li][li]WATCH_DOGS - $29.99 - 50%
[/li][li]Lords of the Fallen - $29.99 - 40%
[/li][li]Goat MMO Simulator - $4.99 - 50%
[/li][li]The Long Dark - $9.99 - 50%
[/li][li]The Evil Within - $20.39 - 66%
[/li][li]Civilization: Beyond Earth - $34.99 - 30% (already!?!)

I kinda like how…sedate this sale seems. Or maybe it’s just me and my wacky backlog/collection. My goal this sale is basically to complete my Novalogic collection with all their awesome shooters.

Endless Legend is like 23 bucks - Their all in one Endless pack is $29

Pixel Piracy is $4,
Banner Saga is $10

None of those are on my wish list. I’d advise people against biting on Watch Dogs. I haven’t been following the others. Did Lords of the Fallen turn out well?

Is civ worth getting at that price?

I’m in for long dark and battleblock theater double pack to start.

Still not worth it. I paid about that on GreenManGaming.

I’ll spring for endless legend instead. I know it’ll be cheaper, but everyone seems to love it.