Steam lunar sale 2019


A little different this time around.

There’s a discount on your first purchase (Canada: 6$ off 35$). Click the red envelope on the front page for a bunch of coins, which seems to be based on how much you’ve spent in the past. These can be traded for emojis, backgrounds, badgers, and more store discounts.

Thousands of sales, ends feb 11


I got 4000 tokens. Assuming I can give them away, does anybody want these?


Their “FAQ” text describing the discount is pretty amusing:

During Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale, qualifying purchases over $5 will receive an automatic discount of $30.

That would be quite the deal.


I don’t see any option to give them away so I won’t ask for them!


Oh, some pretty good sales on my Wishlist items. A few 60-66% off items, like Tesla vs Lovecraft and Stars on Shadow. Also a good chunk (40%) off Shadows Awakening which I’ve had my eye on.

The Metro Redux games are 75-81% off too if you guys want to see what all the fuss is about.


The pig in a blanket emoticon is adorable.


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Damn that is a good deal ($5 off $30)! :D

Steam also has an additional $5 off is you redeem 15,000 tokens.

ALSO… aaaawwwww @ pig in blanket




just when I thought I was done, they SUCK me back in

that $5 off works for preorder games too…now THATS a deal


Seriously it’s a 17% discount! On top of the other discounts! That’s some really aggressive discounting.


I feel like they are putting a gun to my head and forcing me to buy the Witcher 3. 70% off? I don’t want to but I have to.


Do it if you must, the game is just ok and probably can be finished in one day. ;)


I got 4500 based on past purchases. Spend 15,000 tokens for a $5 discount, that’s a lot of tokens.

Earn 100 tokens per $1 spend during the sale. I’d have to spend $105 bucks for the $5 discount, pretty steep!


You earn (111 tokens per $1 for gifts).

So be generous. ;)

I also ended up with 4500 tokens, the question is, did anyone get more?


I wonder if you could send a friend a $30 gift card, paying $25, and have them do the same?


I got 5,000. Not sure why, seems like I haven’t spent much in the last year, sales or not.


Gift cards are either $25 or $50. :|


I got 5k as well.


Seconding that, I got 5,000 as well and am pretty sure that’s the cap based on what I’ve seen.