Steam lunar sale 2019


I didn’t pick it up.

I did get the one DLC for Glass Masquerade I was missing. :)


I have played a bit when it first came out, but otherwise no, not yet.

Invisible plus DLC it is, based on the recommendation, it’s really good review, and it’s record saving price on steam.

@Otagan, man, you really hate Forged Battalion.


After the way this game was handled, Petroglyph is dead to me.


Picked up:

Gris - wow this game is beautiful
Expand - reminds me of a puzzle based super hexagon - also enjoying this.
VR Games- Form, Pierhead Arcade, Rhombus of Ruin - haven’t tried this stuff yet.


Hope I’m not too late, but I would recommend against Pathfinder Adventures at $5+. It is frequently featured in Humble Bundles and Fanatical bundles, along with some of it’s better DLC, at prices as low as $1. The game itself is great, but if the intention is to purchase at a bargain price, $5 is overpaying.

If you own Titan Quest and enjoyed it, and you need $6+ to get to $30, I would suggest the excellent Ragnarok expansion for TQ.


Picked up Sunless Skies. Looks beautiful, seems eerie. Had not played the previous iterations.


Picked up Hand of Fate 2. I love HOF, so this should hopefully hit the spot. Also Gunship!, since I’m still in a ‘collect all flight sims’ mood.


That would be great, but I already own it. And played it. And loved it.

And there rumor is that more is coming!

I am getting Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced though.


Wait, more Titan Quest is coming?!


Excellent! I recently purchased that myself, and am looking forward to finding time to play through it, along with the rest of my backlog. ;-)


My last minute 30$ haul:

  • Blackwell Epiphany
  • Detective Grimoire
  • Flood of Light
  • Grim Dawn
  • Mad Father
  • Micron
  • Misao
  • Monsters Den Godfall
  • Selatria
  • Sentience
  • Shardlight
  • Technobabylon

I expected to buy a lot more with the discount, but I’ve been overwhelmed after checking out the subscription services. Between Origin Access, Discord thing, Humble Monthly, PS Now, and Xbox Pass it’s hard to want to buy any games at all.

Speaking of Divinity games, is Dragon Commander fun?


I was going to buy a bunch of lower priced DLC - Endless Space 2, Railway Empire, Total War Warhammer 1 &2, Steamworld Heist, Endless Legend, Train Valley. Then I realized that I don’t have any immediate plans to play any of them and I already have Mexico for Railway Empire that is waiting to be played. Railway Empire and Steamworld Heist are probably the closest to being played again.

Instead I got Super Mega Baseball 2 because I liked the first one so much Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales because I love the Witcher, and the last 2 Civ VI civs I didn’t have. I haven’t played Civ VI in a while. I’ve actually played more Civ IV over the last year, but once the new expansion gets cheap enough I’ll get it and play for a while.


I see Valve has effectively cracked the code on how to get people to spend $25 on games a mere month after the Xmas sale. Clever.

Personally I’m passing, though. Got too much stuff over the winter break and have only really been playing Monster Hunter: World since.


I also passed on this one. Seriously considered putting together a $30 cart with Cogmind and Caves of Qud, both of which don’t go below 10% off, but I don’t know when I would actually find time to play them.

And I’m planning to build a new system pretty soon, so A) I need to save money for that, and B) once it’s built I’ll probably be focusing on games with fancy graphics for a while.


I preordered the new FFXIV expansion - I was going to buy it anyway, and since my license is stuck on Steam might as well get the $5 off. Also picked up a couple of smaller titles - Bloodstained, Bottom of the 9th, and Super Indie Karts. Bloodstained has been great so far.


I got the season pass for Battletech with the$5 coupon. Figured I’d end up with all 3 expansions anyways, so this might be the best price for a while ($15 ea.)


I ended up getting a few VR games for our shiny new HTC Vive. Dungeon Knight VR, Karnage Chronicles, and the Croteam VR bundle.


Welcome to the VR club!


I thought the lunar sale with the 5 bucks off was a step in the right direction for steam

I anticipate further ‘sales’ like this…alot of times, my decision to buy a game is in the 5 to 10 dollar range when the ‘sale’ the developer gives, just isn’t enough…obviously, steam is gonna eat the 5 bucks but if they get it back on volume, its all good…just like a real retailer


Excellent choices!

Grim Dawn is amazing fun. One of my favorite games in the genre.

Monster’s Den Godfall is awesome. @garin did a fantastic job adding new gameplay elements to the already addicting MD dungeon crawling, making for a unique experience I really enjoyed. I keep meaning to jump back into it…but new games keep getting in the way.