Steam lunar sale 2019


I got the season pass for Battletech with the$5 coupon. Figured I’d end up with all 3 expansions anyways, so this might be the best price for a while ($15 ea.)



I ended up getting a few VR games for our shiny new HTC Vive. Dungeon Knight VR, Karnage Chronicles, and the Croteam VR bundle.



Welcome to the VR club!



I thought the lunar sale with the 5 bucks off was a step in the right direction for steam

I anticipate further ‘sales’ like this…alot of times, my decision to buy a game is in the 5 to 10 dollar range when the ‘sale’ the developer gives, just isn’t enough…obviously, steam is gonna eat the 5 bucks but if they get it back on volume, its all good…just like a real retailer



Excellent choices!

Grim Dawn is amazing fun. One of my favorite games in the genre.

Monster’s Den Godfall is awesome. @garin did a fantastic job adding new gameplay elements to the already addicting MD dungeon crawling, making for a unique experience I really enjoyed. I keep meaning to jump back into it…but new games keep getting in the way.




Too much backlog to worry about a February sale.



I was going to pass on it, but The Witcher 3 GOTY was 15, and I had yet to pick it up. So I got that and a couple other things on my wishlist.

I started on PS4, but never bought the DLC, so it isn’t 100% a re-buy.



Me, too. Sigh



It definitely makes the whole exercise somewhat more worthwhile than it has been of late, and I say that despite taking a pass on it. An offer like this when I wasn’t up to my ears in new, lengthy games would be very hard to resist.

Yeah, at least anecdotally this seems to be working very well for them. If that’s the case, I’d expect to see more of it. Works for me, certainly.



I picked up one piece of DLC for Tyranny, as I plan a replay soon.

In general, though, I’m trying to stop buying stuff on sale. I’ve done that with most things (clothes, food, etc), and I need to extend that to games. I’m going to buy stuff I want to play, when I want to play it. I’ll spend more per game, but quite a lot less overall.



I skipped this sale. In addition to my huge backlog, I need to dust my Oculus off and I am likely to buy a PS4 and/or Switch soon.



It worked on me. I had $8 in wallet credit (partly from selling cards, partly because I refunded something), so I figured I could get $30 worth of games for $17. I picked up:

Into the Breach
Space Tyrant
Masters of Anima
and Cargo Commander for $0.49 to get over $30

Now if I can just stop playing Slay the Spire, I might actually play some of them!



Appreciate it! Hope you enjoy the game, @Gigglemoo!



What makes this one so good? I’ve had that on my wishlist for a while.



Well, if you enjoyed the turn-based dungeon crawling loot haul of the previous Monster’s Den browser games, it’s the same basic framework in Godfall, but with much more polish in both the graphic elements and the gameplay. In addition to the stuff that made the web games so fun, there are now layers of additional gameplay elements including:

  • Quests/Missions including story missions that enhance the Godfall setting.
  • Improved character advancement
  • A world map that includes overland travel, exploration, ruins, hidden POIs and multiple cities and towns.
  • A management aspect where you run a mercenary company, allowing for multiple characters and teams of characters, upgrading your keep, unlocking and implementing doctrines for bonuses, etc.
  • Weapons and armor that can be enchanted/customized

Overall, the game is a simple dungeon crawler at heart. Assemble your team, take on some level 1 missions, go clear a couple of randomized dungeons, gain experience and loot, level up and improve your weapons and armor, lather, rinse, repeat. It’s repetitive in the same way that all games in the genre are repetitive, but what sets Godfall apart are the layers of both overland exploration and team management that give you something to do other than just clear more dungeons.

The game is easy to learn, has that addictive “just a couple more rooms to clear this dungeon!” gameplay, and can be picked up anytime and played in small chunks, all of which combine to make it a great little time sink for people who enjoy turn-based, multi-character dungeon crawler RPGs.



I’ve never played the web games, maybe I should search one out and try one. Then again, I’ve got multiple long turn based party RPGs queued up so maybe I should revisit in the future :-) I’ll keep it on the wish list so I don’t forget about it.



You can play Monster’s Den Chronicles free on Kongregate still I believe. That gives you the basic idea of how the party-based combat and exploration work. Godfall just takes that framework and builds on it a ton, improving and expanding it greatly.



This has been bugging me ever since I saw the comment. I finally put some time into the game today, and the whole time this statement irked me because I couldn’t figure out why the developers would come up with such a weird concept (a tower driven straight into the earth like a stake, while upside down) but then have such a glaring oversight.

But thanks to one small piece of dialogue between my party and some dude, I can finally play without the idea that “the tower is upside down while the floors are right-side up” constantly nagging at me.



What does that mean though??



It means that the tower is upside down, and you’re walking on the ceiling, *relative to the rest of the planet. But because the tower is upside down, the ceiling is a floor, and you’re walking on the floor, because of spooky magic. To an outside observer you’d be upside down like the tower.