Steam lunar sale 2019


WTFcakes! Though it could be the many game keys I buy on GMG and Humble reducing my purchases directly from Steam.


5,000. like others i assume this is the cap.


Mine came with a personalized greeting from gaben as well, which was a nice touch, and a unique emoticon:





Oh this is just perfect, since I planned on buying Pillars 2. Can someone confirm for me - is Obsidian Edition the best option? It seems to include the season pass.


It seems like it, yeah. I was just looking at that myself, and for $45 you get $53 worth of content (if you paid for the standard ed. and bought all three DLC packs at about $7 each), plus other goodies from the Obsidian edition itself (the Explorers pack with the pet, soundtrack, awesome tricorn hat, and some other goodies).

EDIT: Put another way, all of the below is well worth $12


Nice, thanks!


5k tokens for me as well. Glad to know I hit the cap…


So, if you trust some one, is it better to buy them games, and them buy you games?


Is the 5€/$ even working? I just tried to buy the game and got full price on paypal checkout.

edit: People are having the same issue:


I wonder if the Season Pass is worth getting for me for $16.49? I’d never imagine it would be, but now that they added a turn-based mode, I might actually get through the main game! Is all the add-on content integrated into the campaign or is it post-game content?


5k here as well.


Jesus F. Christ this thing is cute. Take that, Epic! :D


If getting 11% more tokens would really be that important to you, then sure.


It’s integrated content, the first DLC takes place around level … I think 14 or so, and then the second DLC was for level 16 and then the last DLC is for level 18-20. That last DLC sounds massive and awesome, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. The second DLC is just a lot of fighting in an actual arena for prizes and rewards, which actually might be a lot more fun now with turn-based mode I just realized. The first DLC is awesome, I really liked it a lot, and it fit into the “optional areas you can find while exploring” perfectly.


Nothing for me here. Only 1 out of 3 games I want near-term is discounted, and only 25%. It’s all brand new stuff so I can’t complain.

I guess I’ll use the $5 off to preorder Sekiro. Shrug.


Really considering Monster Hunter World for $40. Reeeeaaaally considering.


Oh, you can use $5 off pre-orders?

It would be tempting for me to pre-order DiRT Rally 2.0. It comes out pretty soon.


Can someone confirm the -5$ actually worked for them? I still get default price through Paypal checkout.


Worked fine, didn’t pay with paypal.

Picked up Tower of Time, which is supposed to be amazing, and I’ve been looking to get it for awhile now. Also Pyre and the first Grim Dawn expansion.