Steam lunar sale 2019


Looks pretty good. Wishlisted. Thanks.


Several of the reviews were downright orgasmic. One YouTuber was in tears that Tower of Time wasn’t getting the attention it deserved.


I discovered it from a YouTuber that got a free key for it and felt it deserved some publicity. It looks cool, not sold on the real time looking combat but for the price it’s worth checking out, I think.


Yea, Tower of Time is supposed to be great. I picked it up on sale at GoG over Christmas but haven’t played it yet BECAUSE EVERYTHING I BUY ON THAT PLATFORM GOES INTO A BLACKHOLE SINCE I NEVER REMEMBER START THE LAUNCHER EVER.


What launcher?



I’m the same with GoG. Since I’ve been installing Epic games stuff and doing desktop shortcuts again as a result, I’m going to try that strategy for GoG games as well. Just a desktop shortcut for each game should work now that Epic Game Store has trained me to look for those again. (Currently playing Subnautica daily using Desktop Shortcut, so I’m pretty well trained by now).


I bought a bunch of games from Amazon digital a few years back that may as well not even exist. I’m fairly certain I’ve re-purchased games I forgot I already owned.

Likely impossible to pull off without standardized and secure API’s, but someone needs to build a software utility that will generate a handy, searchable list of games you own across all stores (Ubi, EA, Steam, GoG, Twitch, etc). It’s getting crazy.


You have seen the Playnite thread? Your best bet for now.


Gift purchases do not qualify, well that sucks. I am sure it’s for some weirdo scam / reseller reason.


I had this on my watch list, probably because somebody posted it here or elsewhere once upon a time.

Seems like fighting game based around Unexplored’s fighting mechanics? Looks very ugly though. But I know some people here can’t resist a high discount — which isn’t my case.


Gift purchased are supposed to earn you extra coins.


Just don’t think about how the tower is upside down, but all the floors are right side up.


Far Cry Primal seemed like a good deal at $8.99, so I grabbed that.

X4 for $40 (with the $5 discount) is tempting, though I probably won’t get to playing it until summer (Anthem/ Division 2/ TESO Summerset all beckon this spring!)


I haven’t seen that, thanks!


I got 2000 tokens and had to buy this just so I can continue to see it whenever I want.


Spintires, Dark Souls Remaster, or Dark Souls 3?

And I’ll grab at least one of the TW factions I don’t have yet. Wood Elves I’m thinking.


Does the $5 off only work on single item purchases of $30 or more or can you stack multiple items and have it apply as long as you go over that mark?


The discount apply as long as you go over $30 mark with multiple games.


Yeah, I just did this, added two games together in the cart to push it over $30. Then applied the $5 off.