Steam lunar sale 2019


It would work out to just about the same price for the base game, but I’d get a bunch of other games I already own. :p

Plus valve would probably take back my $5 credit, lol.


Picked up some DLC for Endless Space 2 and Gal Civ III that I had been procrastinating on. Just over $30 to get the $5 discount.


I had to buy Cat Puzzle for 49 cents to get the 5 dollar discount because the 2 games I was buying came out to 29.98, stupid x.99 pricing garbage! grrrrr.


Being as I’m still playing Monster Hunter World, which is the first of several hefty games I got over the winter break, I’m taking a pass on this sale.


I am trying to hit 30 dollars, and this is what I’m thinking so far.

Pathfinder: Kingmakers - The wildcards - 6.39
Total War: Warhammer - 14.99
Hardwest: Collectors Edition - 2.49
Hard West: Scars of Freedom - .59
Endless Legend Collection - 5.84 (I own all buy one of the DLCs on this list).

Is there anything I should or shouldn’t buy instead? I’m on the fence about Pathfinder Kingmakers, but I like Kinetics Knights.

I’m open to swapping out games, or adding more DLCs.


I think you’re just missing Cat Puzzle, otherwise you’re good.





I would consider skipping TW: Warhammer in favor of the sequel (TW: Warhammer 2) when budget/pricing allows. I like TW: Warhammer and don’t own 2 yet, but understand 2 is a better game in most ways (please chime in if someone has both and disagrees!)


TW: Warhammer is 2 is much better - +1 for that.


I won’t buy TW2 until I play the remaining factions I have pending (Ork and Empire) in TW1, suck it! :P


Still waiting on Middle-earth: Total War.


The thing is, if I get TW 2, I would want TW 1 anyway, for the larger map.

And TW 2 is 29.99 versus 14.99 for TW 1


That would be awesome :)

In the meantime, I’m sure you know about this:


Third Age is so amazing. I played dozens of hours of it a couple of years back…just such a great conversion of the Medieval 2 system to LotR Middle Earth fantasy.

If anyone is in the market for TW : Warhammer 2 go to Fanatical, as it’s $23.73 with code LUNAR8, no Cat Puzzle required.

I’m looking at adding Witcher 3 : GOTY (14.99) and Elite Dangerous Commander Deluxe Edition ($14.39) plus a DLC for another one of my games so I can get the $5 off $30 discount. Doing so would effectively drop the price of both Witcher 3 and Elite Dangerous to $12.50 each…a deal too good to pass up.


Finally pulled the trigger on Monster Hunter World. With the $5 it was $34.95. And I got a bunch of points or something. This is the wife’s birthday gift to me for my big 60. Also Happy Birthday to @BrianRubin! We are both Aquariuses or some crap. :)


Hah, thanks fellow water hauler!


Awesome game! Great choice.

I feel stupid spending my points on emojis, but it reminds of the days of MSN Messenger, when there were 100s you could add and then Skype came in and destroyed it.


Happy birthday Rich!


This sale I picked up:

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Complete
Warhammer 40,000 Gladius Complete
Warhammer 40,000 Mechanicus
Phantom Doctrine
Aggressors: Ancient Rome (modding scene looks promising here)

Then used my second $5 off ticket to grab:

Imperator: Rome

So I have a lot of grimdark far-future and ancient Roman gaming ahead of me it looks like.

Frick I forgot Cat Puzzle!