Steam lunar sale 2019




In addition to Aven Colony - which is awesome, I’d recommend:

Cat Quest

Phantom Signal (Thanks to @lordkosc for mentioning this in the TD thread, great game)


Thank you.


I’m sad to report that payments through Steam Wallet don’t count for either the $5 discount or for granting extra coins. Renewed my FFXIV sub this morning and nothing.


Steam’s authentication servers have been wonky most of the day. Logins are fixed, but store is still broken. This did lead me to discover that if you have an error with purchasing, Steam will hold your cart for 72 hours (including discounts) through the support portal. Handy, but doesn’t make this any less frustrating.


So, I need a bit over 5 dollars to make 30 and get the deal.

It’s a toss up between Pathfinder Kingmaker _ The Wild Cards
Pathfinder Adventures
Invisible Inc. + Contingency Plan Bundle
Forged Battalion
Circle Empires
Some of the King’s Bounty Games.
Galactic Civilization 3 + A DLC

Or something else…

Any suggestions for my $5.50 slot?
If something a bit higher is suggested, that’s fine. I can always remove Hard West and it’s DLC.

I guess my goal is to get a bargain.


Invisible Inc would be my first choice, then Pathfinder Adventures. King’s Bounty is pretty fun too.

Did you play Pathfinder Kingmaker yet? I don’t think a new race and class are necessary.
I’m not crazy about GalCiv 3 and I haven’t played the others.


Not Forged Battalion. I have a few of the others but haven’t clocked any time with them. Just don’t get Forged Battalion.


I used my $5 off to get Rimworld which never goes on sale, so that’s a win, I think.


I got this earlier, it is pretty good old school beat 'em up game with retro 1980s/1990s arcade feel with the cheesy, upbeat music, nostalgic graphics quality, and Japanese narration, kind grindy for learning all the moves and level up.

I also recommend this one, it is simple little gem in small doses, as this is kind like One Finger Death Punch, get repetitive if played for long period of time. But for $0.99, it is good.




Am I a pariah (again) if I went Civ V : Beyond Earth – with the sea dlc. It could be worse… I sorta like it…


I went with Total Warhammer II with one expansion pack. I’ll be a pro by the time my sister buys it and we play together. heh, or you know, just really good at learning from defeat.

I got all my emojis from gift purchases and a couple of wallpapers the rest of the coin purchases make little to no sense to me.


$2.49 Poly Bridge
$5.99 Tesla vs Lovecraft by 10tons
$23.99 Shadows: Awakening

$32~ - $5 = $27~

Although I own and play a bunch of 10tons twin-stick shooters, Tesla vs Lovecraft is a standout gem for me. And take note game developers, this is how you integrate story into your action game.

All three games were on my wishlist and were easy grabs.


Used my $5 for Imperator: Rome pre-order. Anno 1800 is coming out at the same time. I’ve never been able to play different games concurrently, but there’s always a first time. (Thea2 is also a purchase once it’s out of EA. )

Legends of Ellaria, Nomads of the Fallen Star, The Univesim, Foundations, They are Billions all look tempting too, but I think I’ll hold off for now.


If you like games like Invisible Inc (turn based squad tactics), definitely that, it’s great.


What is your highest score? I am able to beat the game most times.


I didn’t pick it up.

I did get the one DLC for Glass Masquerade I was missing. :)


I have played a bit when it first came out, but otherwise no, not yet.

Invisible plus DLC it is, based on the recommendation, it’s really good review, and it’s record saving price on steam.

@Otagan, man, you really hate Forged Battalion.


After the way this game was handled, Petroglyph is dead to me.