Steam Lunar Sale 2021

My confirmed haul for the sale is A-Train PC Classic and the latest western release version of A-Train 9 (upgrading from v3.0). And then thanks to the ‘Railway History Bundle’ essentially had A-Train 8 thrown in for free, once you compare the cost of buying individually to the cost of the bundle.


So, it turns out 66% off was my threshold for taking the plunge finally.

My haul (so far):

Trials of Fire
Bought this because of this post in the Weekend Gaming Update thread:

I already own Gunfire Reborn, and it is a gem, so I assumed I’d like a game liked by someone who also likes Gunfire Reborn.

WRATH: Aeon of Ruin

I’ve been waiting for this game to hit 1.0 (or maybe drop to $1 or something, who knows). But this post pushed me over the edge.

Even though Scharmers doesn’t appear to be much of an Amid Evil fan, a game that I like even more than DUSK, I trust that WRATH will deliver the goods.

Urban Cards & The Solitaire Conspiracy:
I don’t remember why these got added to my wishlist, but they were on sale for a good price.

I don’t know if I’ll pick anything else up before the sale ends in a couple hours, but if I see something I need I will probably grab it.

Amending this to add Gunfire Reborn and Valheim. Hey, sometimes I go with the flow. ;)


Ok, you all convinced me on Gunfire Reborn. The other two were at an “if I’m not buying it now, why is it on my wishlist?” price so I picked them up.

Last minute temptation for me:

I might get it. And bought!


I picked up a few treats, but nothing major.

Command and Conquer Remastered so I’ll stop looking at it and thinking “maybe…”. Annoying of me. I just pulled the trigger, now I’ll get to scratch that itch and and call it good. For ten bucks.

I just this morning grabbed Stars in Shadow, a very good looking 4X space game that @rhamorim posted a link on Twitter to a review about that got me interested, so I watched some footage and figure, at $7.50 for the game and DLC, why not? So that’s something I’ll try at some point.

And not on sale, but I pulled the trigger on the Warhammer 3 pre-order. Nothing on my Wishlist looked like a better investment.

This was my sole purchase of the sale and I got it for the exact same reason. It looked like a good sale but I have too much stuff to play and too little time to play it right now.

I just picked up Moss because the whole VR thing is still pretty exciting to me. I also picked up In Death: Unchained from the Oculus store during their Lunar Sale.

Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

I passed on everything this year. I barely touched the stuff from the last sale and adding to the backlog didn’t seem prudent.

Yeah, I think I turned a bit of a corner, didn’t buy a single thing, looked at my backlog, how just the Humble Bundle and Epic free stuff is adding to it faster than I can play, didn’t care how great the discounts are.

I don’t remember if Steam had a Lunar New Year sale in 2022, but it looks like they aren’t having one in 2023. Though some publishers on Steam appeared to have their own mini-sales.

What gives? Was this year’s Lunar New Year too close to their winter holiday sale?

Yup, it’s being replaced with a Spring Sale in March.

Ampersat is an excellent little roguelike for $5~

That perfectly answers that question – thanks!

I was trying to figure this out a couple of days ago myself, so I knew where to look!

I saw the Lunar New Year Sale was much reduced in size, scope and promotion this year and figured they were adjusting things to put a bit more room in between sales.

Of course, that said:

That’s all of three weeks between “big Steam-wide seasonal sales”. If you’re going to have your Spring Sale in March and your Summer Sale in late June/early July, then why not have your Autumn Sale in late September / Early October? You can still do a smaller Halloween Sale at the end of October, then your Winter Sale at the holidays. I assume because they want to make sure they’re having a “big” sale centered around Black Friday.

I always figured they approached sales like JCPenny, looking to always have one at any given point because people are more likely to spend if they think they’re getting a deal even when they aren’t. Steam sales haven’t offered really great pricing for many years.

IIRC, there was an EU change that requires 30 days between sales for companies to be able to advertise prices as “sale” prices. I think that’s a major motivation of the spreading out that’s planned for this year. If Steam can organize major sales with enough space between them, then individual publishers don’t have to pay as much attention to whether or not they’re eligible to participate.