Steam nOOb

So is this truely the future of computer gaming? No wonder it’s in such decline. I had put off buying HL2 because of horror stories about Steam, but when I found the Collector’s Edition for $25 a month ago I couldn’t resist - - I played the original 3 times (except for the giant baby part at the end), as well as the 2 single-player add-ons.

I’m finally installing it now. So I buy a single-player shooter, and 1/2 hour, an account creation, 2 or 3 EULA agreements, 2 or 3 firewall exceptions later, I’m still watching Steam “decrypt” game files that I bought on a DVD. My lord, Microsoft can “activate” my Windows version in about 10 seconds. I just hope I can somehow keep it from loading everytime I start up my computer now…

That’s a one-time thing, I believe. You shouldn’t have that starting from the second time you start the game up.

That’s a one time thing though. And far preferable to other copy protection methods like SafeDisc or SecuROM, or Steam back when it used to not work.

Fair enough. I trust I’ll be able to deactive Steam altogether once my off-line HL2 and HL1-source are installed and activated, and keep it from loading, since I have no plans for on-line play.

Er… I’ve got some bad news for you: No.

Er… I’ve got some bad news for you: No.[/quote]

sigh …guess I should have paid closer attention to the horror stories, done my homework, and resisted temptation.

At the risk of having it assumed I work for valve or shag Chet, what’s the problem with Steam?

I played HL2 without an internet connection for months with no problems whatsoever and I bought the online version.

The only problem I’ve ever had with steam is that the friends section has never really worked with any consistency.

Just be glad you’re not on dial-up.

You can tell it not to load on startup and then put it in off-line mode where it will only periodically need a connection to play. Putting it in off-line mode has gotten much better than the initial version.

One nice side effect, you will never need to use those cds again. There is no cd check.


That’s my question, Nellie - - I WANT HL to run as though I don’t have an internet connection . . I just want to know if I can make it so HL2 doesn’t need Steam, and so Steam doesn’t load on boot up. I don’t want something else that phones home all the time. I’m futzing with the settings now and don’t see it. As I said, I’m a Steam nOOb. Thanks.

Thanks, that was my question. You are great.

Steam has gotten better since half life2 release. Trust me, it took me 5 hours just to download everything on opening day. If I didn’t get a cable connection around that time, I might have never even gotten thechance to play it.

I hope digital downloads become more common place, as it does help the annoyence of copy protection.

Only 5 hours? Consider yourself lucky, as I couldn’t play it for 3 days.

I clicked the button, watched a movie, and 2 hours later was playing. Steam rocks.

Fuck stores.

I bought the DVD and waited about 3.5 hours (iirc) before I could play it. Mmmm, fun.

Also had absolute nightmares trying to play the game with my backup I made before rebuilding my PC. Sorry, my Steam experience has been awful.

I foolishly bought the cd version of the game last year only to find out it (and its replacement) wouldn’t install on my CDRW drive. Then a year later i got a new PC, (still wouldn’t install on the new CDRW drive, but did install on the DVD drive) only to discover Steam thinks that my CD Key is in use.

Two e-mails and two weeks later and no response from them.

Hooray Steam.

Almost every person that complains about steam has the CD version. For those that downloaded HL2 the process was surprisingly painless. Purchase, download, decrypt, play. Best thing is you can have multiple copies anywhere. Just log on to Steam from any PC and it’ll download HL2 for you if you want to play.

Yeah, no problems here either.

Pre-loaded the game, bought it, decrypted it, played it right away. Easy as pie. Wish all games came this way.

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I have never heard it not working in CDRW drives in particular. I do know Vivendi did use some copy protection on the disks.

Instead of email, did you try the support system on Yeah yeah i know… You have to first search for a question, then you can ask a question/submit a request.


I preloaded it, tried to play it, didn’t work, tried for 3 days, then finally “discovered” I had to delete the SteamApps/account/half-life 2 folder. I mean how obvious is that? :roll:

By the way, for all you Steam fans, explain to me why I can’t install a game somewhere NOT in a subdirectory of Steam (like on a different harddrive)?