Steam now does video drivers

Just got an update from Steam telling me it now will keep my AMD graphics driver up-to-date. Giving it a whirl now to see how it goes, but I have to say, I like the idea and no doubt will help game support, less of that “Are you using the latest drivers?” stuff.

Does it have a nice interface for rolling back the driver in case the latest update breaks a favourite game?

There’s a thread in the tech forum on the subject, if you’re interested.

If I had an AMD/ATI card, I wouldn’t want my drivers auto-updated anyway, since I usually read the release notes to determine if an update would benefit me at all before doing it (this is what I do for my NVidia drivers). If I’m not playing anything new, and there are no improvements for the old games, then I stick with what works.

It looks like it simply downloads an uncompressed version of the installer and then runs an express install, minus stupid Lord of the Rings Online trial. That’s as far as it extends, rollbacks will be as per normal I’d guess.

I believe AMDs Twitter says this isn’t auto-update, it’s optional.