Steam numbers


Microsoft announced this week that Windows 7 surpassed XP, the way they counted was trough windows update.


That's a pretty silly metric to use. While sure the home page is still the store, it really has expanded to be much more than just a place to buy games


I like this one:

Graphics card models on Windows

Voodoo 4 0.0%
Voodoo 3 0.0%
Voodoo 5 0.0%
Voodoo 0.0%
Voodoo 2 0.0%


There's a part of me that wants to bust out my old Voodoo 2 cards just to fuck with the statistics. Sadly, I suspect that my laptop's shitty integrated graphics far outpace my amazing at the time dual voodoo 2 setup. sigh


Intel 945 (GMA 950) 15.1%
Intel G45 (GMA X4500) 10.9%

Are the new Integrated Intel Graphics cards actually something that works, or are they still something you'd be lucky to get into 640x480 w. DX11 "compatibility" (Thanks to wrestling Microsofts arms to get them approved)?

And would Steams survey discover those who have a Motherboard with integrated graphics + an extra PCI-e card that actually can play games?


Because of Portal 2 for the PS3, I became a Steam user. I hadn't ever downloaded the client onto my PC until today, when I found out that Portal 1 is free until the 20th.


instant0: Steam hardware survey is very detailed. I don't see it directly breaking out integrated vs discrete GPU but there's enough detail that you should be able to calculate it if you want. See links from the first two graphs:


Weekly top 10

  1. Dead Island
  2. >
  3. Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
  4. >
  5. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
  6. >
  7. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  8. >
  9. Star Wars Collection
  10. >
  11. Sid Meier's Civilization V
  12. >
  13. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  14. >
  15. The Elder Scrolls V: Sykyrim
  16. >
  17. Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers Complete Bundle
  18. >
  19. Mount&Blade Complete Pack
  20. >

Dead Island stays in first place in the second week (yay!), RO2 takes the second place in their launch week, 3rd goes for Space Marine that was released two weeks ago, 4th for Deus Ex released three weeks ago (so it makes sense the order), and MW3 preorder is already appearing in the list.


Amazing, the top 3 gfx card models are useless for 3d gaming, or gaming in general.

Also, nothing new in the messy world of graphics adapters in general. Making 2342342 versions of a single card series confusing the buyers no end.


NVIDIA GeForce 9800
NVIDIA GeForce 8800
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260

Useless for gaming in general? Those are all Dx10 cards and while I'd not want to have one, I'd say they're quite capable of running a majority of games available. Not the latest and greatest but there's a lot of less gpu heavy games out there.

Edit: Unless you're talking about that unity survey in wich case I'm way off. Sorry if so.


He's probably talking about the Unity player results;


Intel 945 (GMA 950)
Intel G45 (GMA X4500)
GeForce 6100


Can they run Crysis? Because my GPU is probably inferior to some of those (GeForce 9600 GT), and it ran Crysis at decent settings. If they can run Crysis, they can pretty much run anything. And Crysis isn't exactly new.


Don't forget that Team Fortress 2 and Alien Swarm are also free. The first hits are always free...


Hell, I never knew about Alien Swarm. Downloading~

I own TF2, but I've only played it twice. God I suck at it.


Make sure you have three other people to play with before jumping in. The single-player is practically non-existent and not particularly satisfying.


Thanks, Shellfish. Downloading Alien Swarm now too(I tried TF2 a while ago on xbox, the entry barrier was a bit too much).


I'm able to play Star Ruler, Torchlight, DDO, LotRO and Rift on my GMA4500 laptop without much issue, albeit with pretty low settings at 1600x900. Some fairly unexpected games don't work correctly though, like Hoard for instance.


I've run an 8800 GTX in my home box for four years now. It's not the latest and greatest anymore but it runs everything I've thrown at it, even games from this year, quite well.


I had a 9800 GT for years, is more than capable. Remember also that most LCD screens max out at 1680 x 1050 or 1980 x 1080. So pretty easy to hit that resolution with details on medium or max.


Steam Top 10, weekly sales from 19-25 Sept

1 [B]Dead Island[/B]
2 [B]Fallout: New Vegas - Lonesome Road[/B]
3 [B]F1 2011[/B]
4 Total War: Shogun 2
5 Magicka Collections
6 [B]Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad[/B]
7 [B]Deus Ex: Human Revolution[/B]
8 Company of Heores: Complete Pack
9 Total War Megapack
10 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

I bolded the new releases, the rest appear in the top 10 thanks to offers and discounts. Dead Island continues on top, Lonesome Road makes a good number being only DLC for a rpg, RO2 and DX:HR mantain a decent position but falling in comparison to Dead Island. I think it also can be explained because these two games had a very fronloaded sales (their fans are hardcore and they were waiting the release for years) while DI is more a sleeper. In the other hand Space Marine has fallen quickly, as I imagined.

Top games by current number of players (Sunday @ 19.30 GMT)

63,909 63,982 1 Counter-Strike
62,834 65,351 2 Team Fortress 2
60,011 61,162 3 Counter-Strike: Source
32,776 33,952 4 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Multiplayer
27,158 27,372 5 Sid Meier's Civilization V
26,783 26,800 6 Football Manager 2011
21,906 22,769 7 Call of Duty Black Ops - Multiplayer
14,735 15,065 8 Dead Island
11,370 11,642 9 Left 4 Dead 2
11,155 11,536 10 Deus Ex - Human Revolution
10,373 10,401 11 Fallout New Vegas
9,240 9,494 12 Total War SHOGUN 2
8,832 9,230 13 Empire: Total War
8,278 8,290 14 Garry's Mod
7,682 7,696 15 Terraria
7,383 7,503 16 Battlefield: Bad Company 2
6,141 6,778 17 Call of Duty Black Ops
5,659 5,659 18 Mount&Blade: Warband
5,021 5,064 19 Rusty Hearts
4,749 4,797 20 Red Orchestra 2

Some interesting data:

MW2 is much more played than Black Ops, even if BO have dedicated servers and MW2 (do you remember the whole drama?) and with MW2 being older. Civ5 appeared in the top positions since the offer two weeks ago, usually it was around pos. 12, and it's still maintaining there pretty well. Garry's Mod is interesting, it seems it's enjoying a small revival. F:NV is having very very good legs, a year after their release. Right now it's the eleventh position thanks to the new DLC, but even without that help, it's usually around position 15, very good for a "old" single player game.
And Rusty Hearts, WTF? It seems a f2p game?? Let's see

Maybe i will try it.