Steam numbers


Thanks, guys - I’ve never touched either of those other games before, so it helps to have the added information.


I would recommend watching a few youtube videos to get an idea about.

Youtube I think around 15 minutes or so is when they show some of the active game play past the characrer creation and intro stuff. Of course if you have time to watch more go for it.


Stardew Valley is one of those games I am sooooo happy that it exists and that it is doing so well; frequently topping the Steam charts. I am always thrilled when tiny indie game made by a small team or 1 person can make such an impact in the market…something the openness of the PC space allows.

That said I know this isn’t the game for me as I would find it eye wateringly boring. I even had to unsubscribe from many of my favorite Youtube channels since they just started streaming Stardew Valley around the clock and I would rather watch the paint drying channel.



I can’t imagine how boring it would be to watch SDV on a stream.

The whole reason the game works so well is that you have all these various goals layered on top of and alongside one another, along with conditions (rainy day, time of month/season, that day’s luck) that affect which is most effective (or possible) to pursue at a time, and limited time/energy each day to pursue them.

I adore the game, but I literally cannot imagine the point of watching someone stream it. And I’m stream-positive, generally speaking.


Well, I think I got enough of an idea from the little bit I watched. It seems like a time-sink game (and not in a bad way). I threw it on my wish list so I can track it for when it goes on a good sale. It may also find its way to a monthly bundle, as well <crosses fingers>.


In the same way that playing it can be a more laid-back, relaxing experience I imagine watching is much of the same and provides a good opportunity to shoot the breeze with the streamer or as semi-background noise to wind down with like TV.


I feel the same way. I’m doubtful this will be my kind of game, but I’m willing to give it a go when I can get it for cheap.


The Giant Bomb quicklook gives a good overview of Stardew Valley.


FWIW the combat portions are [I]very[/I] lightweight. There’s a minor progression system (upgrading gear and weapons) but the combat is very basic. There aren’t that many enemies.


For those who think it looks boring, I would recommend giving it a try if it hits your don’t care dollar amount. You might be surprised with how addicting it really is. If I hadn’t been introduced to the genre as a kid, and my first encounter was some sort of FB game, I might be skeptical now too.


I completely agree! I think people would really be surprised how much fun they’d have and how addicting it can be. But I know I’m biased as a long time Rune Factory fan.


[B]Congressman Asked To Explain Why His Campaign Spent $1.3K On Video Games[/B]

I posted this in the Politics forum but it seemed appropriate to post again here.

The FEC published a letter to Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) on Monday after one of its analysts noticed that the campaign had made dozens of unusual purchases from the online gaming site Steam.…b05376618902d6


He should start up a Twitch channel and talk gaming and Politics. Twitch donations can help with reparations.


Nearly 3500 titles hit Steam in 2015, double the 2014 amount.


10.) Scrap Mechanic - (220,926 ±11,175)
11.) Slime Rancher - (209,806 ±10,891)

What are these?


We have a thread for Slime Rancher.


both are early access sandbox games


People complain of the lack of discoverability on Steam, how if you aren’t in the frontpage you are screwed but… I think that less a steam problem, and more a market problem. When you have several thousands of games all competing, most of them won’t be featured in the frontpage and most will fail, no matter how you reorganize Steam.


Add to that all this VR malarkey taking over the front page blocking out actual games from getting featured there.



I wish there was a button to hide VR, Early Access, and Anime on STEAM. :)