Steam numbers


What really sucks is that there’s nothing going on in the backend of Steam to extrapolate future front page stuff from your past decisions. If I don’t purchase any visual novels and I dutifully click “Not Interested” when presented with one, at some point I would expect Steam to figure out that putting visual novels on my front page is a lost cause.


There’s also a lack of quality in the average title on Steam these days, as they have to compete with the entire backlog, and that becomes harder and harder.


I guess Steam is becoming just another App store (where 99% of the items are utter crap.). Might as well buy stuff from Spam emails.


Maybe it exists already and I just can’t find it, but it would be nice to be able to block title from the top-10 lists by tag. If it is tagged as a “Visual Novel”, don’t show it to me. Early Access? Don’t recommend it. Get this thing down to titles that at least have the possibility of me buying. As it is now, the top lists are nearly useless to me, being that Steam is currently 90% VNs and EA games.


I don’t know what you can do on SteamSpy, but in Steam searches you can exclude tags by prepending the tag ID with a minus “-”, e.g. the search for all Visual Novels is, so to search for all [I]except[/I] Visual Novels would be You can also combine this with other tags by using commas “,” to separate them, so all Anime games except Visual Novels would be,-3799. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work with “Early Access”.


So much hate for these poor, humble visual novels.

Seriously though, improving the Steam front page and search implies you have time to play newly-discovered games anyway. Since I don’t, my solution is to simply never check it.


On the reverse end of things, it also implies that someone at Valve would need to decide of their own free will to try to write a proper taste-tracking algorithm and implement it in a way that didn’t completely devour the site’s resources or accidentally display user data to strangers (lulz). And who’d want to do that when they could earn Valve-money designing TF2 hats and thematic DOTA skins??


TF2 hats are so 20013! The new hotness is CS:GO gun skins.


A) Man, I knew TF2 had legs but that’s just crazy

B) CS:GO Knives are way cooler than Guns


I’m surprised it took so long for gun skins to become popular. There’s already a real-life parallel!


Truth. The knife market is nuts.★%20M9%20Bayonet%20|%20Tiger%20Tooth%20(Factory%20New)

$410.24 for a damn virtual knife skin!

To be fair, they don’t trade at the same volume that the mid-range ($5-$20) gun skins do.


Any idea why ~ 15 of my games suddenly have an update pending (including some old stuff, like the original Dawn of War)? None of them have any news and I assume this is some Steam client-related update (??).


79 updated here, with about 20 more to go. Most have been for 0 bytes, but there’s a few that were 100MB+. I guess it has something to do with some Windows redistributables getting an update…?


I’m starting to be concerned if Valve is doign something to SteamSpy. It used to be pretty close to the actual sales of games for a long time (at least ours, anyway). But in the past several months, it’s under reporting has become significant enough to wonder if something is going on.

I noticed this first on GalCiv III numbers. Their numbers on Sins of a Solar Empire were pretty close (within a reasonable margin of error). But GalCiv III is pretty far off and other games since then are not even disproportionately off (i.e. I can’t even apply a multplier).

I still think it’s useful as a general gauge because I think all the games are off proportionately. But I suspect a lot fo those games at the top have sold a lot more games than is being reported.


Every installed game in my library had an update tonight.

Very strange.



I also got the weird “Let’s Update Everything!” Steam party tonight. I was convinced I’d done something wrong. Or, more likely, Windows 10 had screwed me over yet again.

10.) Scrap Mechanic - (220,926 ±11,175)
11.) Slime Rancher - (209,806 ±10,891)

Oddly enough, they’re pretty much exactly what they sound like. Scrap Mechanic is a Minecrafty thing where you build contraptions and Slime Rancher is a management game where you corral slimes. They’re both in Early Access, so what they also are is irrelevant to anyone who prefers playing finished products.

You just haven’t found the right visual novel for you.

It really can be disheartening. I have a press account, so I get to look at anything I want on Steam. The amount of sheer junk is staggering. I can’t imagine buying anything blindly, based on what the guy who sells it has written about it. I guess this is where we segue into a discussion about user reviews. Sorry, didn’t mean to dig up that dead horse.

But, yeah, so much junk.

SteamSpy is a third party, isn’t it? How does it even work? Actually, whatever the answer is, it’s probably above my paygrade in terms of understanding how people interpret data.



SteamSpy scrapes the publicly accessible user profile data on what games they have and how much time they have spent playing it. I can’t recall if it leverages an API to do so or some other means. It must also have integration into twitch and youtube these days to generate some of the stats related to those services.

I never look at the Steam Store anymore. It’s just full of junk. Recommendations invariably come from other sources these days - here, yt, etc.


I did the 0kb updates to all my games, and now they’re all downloading 100MB to 600MB updates.

I look forward to not getting any kind of explanation from Valve.


So basically Amazon. I mean seriously, the first 1 or 2 pages of an Amazon search is worthwhile, then you get into some the weirdest 20 year old results, and you’re basing your purchase on what other reviewers are saying and hoping it’s not some sort of knock-off. And just like Amazon, sometimes I see the same thing listed twice on my list… for reasons I don’t know.

But like most things with my Amazon purchase, I use another source to already know what I am looking for, for the most part.


Thank god it wasnt just me - I just 61 games update.